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Contemporary Romance

After being absent for ten years, Jacklyn returned to Montana, and her grandparents cabin, for a much needed three weeks vacation. She didn't expect to run into Gerald, the man she always loved and left behind all those years ago. A forest fire was raging out of control. Gerald and his team were out to rescue camp dwellers and people trapped in the fires. Never did he expect he'd find Jacklyn out in the midst of the forest fire. Was she back for good this time?



Hayley Falcon, a freshman at Emerald University, investigates a deadly bombing in her dorm.



    Contemporary Romance

Ellie's desperately trying to fit in at college and gaining experience in the bedroom is part of her plan. She makes a list of the sexy things she needs to try. All she needs now is a guy. Her brother's best friend, Beckett, volunteers to help her out. What starts as a short-term fling gets serious fast. Ellie finds that she craves Beckett's kisses and Beckett can only think about the next time he's in Ellie's bed. Can they keep their promise of no strings?



Contemporary Romance

Gabriel knows how to fix things. After all, he owns Angelic Cycle, the most popular motorcycle repair shop in the city. Sophie creates beauty as an emerging artist. A charity auction brings them together to work on a masterpiece of a bike. Their chemistry sizzles and soon Sophie is falling for the grumpy bad boy. Gabriel has to put the past behind him to learn to love again. And Sophie has to learn that trust is necessary for love.





"You love me Ari." That was the last thing Maxwell Carter said to me as I walked out of his apartment. For a brief moment, I wished to forget the times we spent together. I am his mate, as he is mine, but I am not a part of his world. The only time we belonged together was when we played King of Legacies, but even that was a sham. I'm just a jewelry designer, but he's an Alpha, the owner of Star Enterprise and the Carter Clan's leader. Is this ever going to work? Will love conquer all?


Thriller, suspense, Crime, female Sleuth, Murder

Homicide Detective Elizabeth Bennett and senior partner Frank Churchill are called to Longbourne College when the body of student Charlotte Lucas is found bludgeoned to death. Charlotte, a scholarship student had a healthy supply of designer clothes, jewelry, and a safe deposit box loaded with cash. Where did she get them? Charlotte had a very antagonistic relationship with her English professor, Dr. Darcy, and he soon becomes the primary suspect. But did he do it?



A conquered nation. Unlikely heroes. Four strangers linked by tragedy and fate. Nikolas burns to escape. Reyma hides her visions. Rhea stirs rebellion underground. And Shade...Shade is a Night Rider, outlawed, unpredictable and dangerous. No one really knows what he'll do, other than keep fighting. Save Those You Can. Avenge Those You Can't. NIGHT RIDER is an epic fantasy in a world with hints of hope, for fans of The Witcher and LOTR. New episodes every Wednesday.


Romantic Suspense Time Travel

"Somewhere In Time" meets "The Bodyguard" in STONE ANGEL. Who holds the secret of Time? The time of birth...of death...of things yet to unfold? Once Aurelea was the beloved wife of a Creole aristocrat. He was killed, and she was betrayed, deceived, and held captive. Now, grain by grain, sand sifts through the hourglass, and second by second, Aurelea fights to survive, determined to save herself and the baby she carries. She needs a miracle. What does Destiny have in store for her?


Reverse Harem Horror Erotica

My name is Aurelia, and I've been sentenced to Tenebris Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Get a little stabby with a rapist, and suddenly people toss around words like Murder. Dr. Stone has something planned. I don't know why, but my monsters don't like it. The longer I'm here, the more men I collect. A ghost, incubus, beast...and now Hyde and the Ripper? Things are getting interesting. **Monster Reserve Harem Erotica with graphic scenes some readers may find objectionable