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Serpents MC Las Vegas Series
By Barbara Nolan
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Beyond Retribution/Boa
 (Serpents MC Las Vegas Book 5)

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Boa, the Serpents cyber genius, never thought waiting on line for a hot and juicy in Mickey D’s would turn his life upside down—Until Madeline—The knockout stripper from the Shangri-La who had a rap sheet longer than Boa’s.

Madeline knows the hard punches life dishes out. She’s packed up her and her boys more than once searching for a better life. When she hit Vegas she had high hopes until a vengeful enemy from her past pops up, sending her life straight to hell.

Boa wants to be her hero, but she resists his help, saying it’s for his own good. Only he doesn’t buy it. She’s in deep with the wrong people, and even her tough, screw-you-attitude can’t disguise the fear in her eyes.
Fate keeps throwing them together, and after a night of crazy, out-of-control sex Boa vows to break down her walls and find out what’s under all her sass.

To keep Boa safe, Madeline denies her true feelings, packs up her family, and runs again to hide the wicked secrets of her past, but when her children are put at risk, she reaches out to the only man she can trust. Boa.

Can Boa save Madeline and her kids, or will Madeline’s need for retribution put them all in danger?

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Amazon Reviewer

Amazing!! Absolutely fantastic!! I could not stop reading this book

Amazon Reviewer

Regret is the 3rd in the series, but can be read as a stand alone. It's a well written book that gives you strong characters, with the perfect balance of attitude, angst, suspense, romance, laughter and anger.

BookBub Reviewer

I really love these characters. Such opposites that are so attracted to each other. And they work! So many feels in this read