A missing girl and a deadly item belonging to a power-mad demon need to be found before the killing begins. The problem? This is my first salvage.
And I have no idea what I'm doing.
These were the moments that began to define me, my skills, and my drive to face down the darkest side of the supernatural in order to bring children home.


Sasha has been different her whole life. She sees things in the shadows that no one else can see. But it isn't until a mishap on the wrong side of town that she meets him.

The Boss.



Kayla Rowe and her little sister are running for their lives. Chased from town to town by a gang of bikers that no one else sees, Kayla is down to her last dollar and out of ideas. But when she stumbles into the winter camp of a man who is larger than life, her world changes


His first assignment takes him home to Cornwall to expose traitors plotting a French invasion of England. There, he meets newly unemployed governess, Olivia Collins, who has stumbled upon a hidden secret from Adam’s past – his youthful summer love affair with the local squire’s daughter. It is a tragic history that brings Adam and Olivia closer than is wise.


An everyday vacation quickly turns into a nightmare of epic proportions. Two sisters must struggle to find the strength within themselves to survive as well as to save one another. When the world of Fae emerges on a rocky shore far from the Emerald Isle, all hell breaks loose


In the wastelands of what’s left, a lone gunslinger delivers his own brand of justice. Some call him lawman. Some call him madman. Some call him vigilante. Some call him killer. Some call him legend.

They all call him…

...the Sheriff.


Jenna Cameron has sacrificed much for her career as an architect, particularly when it comes to love. But when the collapse of a building sends her back to 14th century Scotland, the brawny highlander who finds her changes all that—almost in an instant.


My guardian angel wore a mask so I could only see his body.
But that was enough to make me melt.
A knockout sexy appearance with six-pack abs, irresistible strong arms,
and a tattoo on his wrist I will never forget.
It was the wildest night of my life.


She was brought to me as a gift.
Completely naked besides a shiny red bow that was wrapped around her slender middle.
The moment I laid eyes on her... I wanted her. Every single inch of her body and every dark corner of her mind.
I wanted it all


God puts people in your life for a reason, either they’re a lesson or a blessing and for Legend this had become a true statement.
After suffering for years because of his mother’s death; then his father’s passing, Legend Gambino had to become a man and step up to the plate.


It should’ve been easy.
I’m an assassin for hire, after all.
Find the target. Pull the trigger. Done deal. Except that I can’t.
I wanted her the moment I saw her.
I’m obsessed with those bright eyes and killer curves.Her full lips, and those long gorgeous legs.


His dark hair, bright eyes, and cocky grin look just the way I remembered. The last time I saw Bryan’s Ferro’s beautiful body, he was naked and shimmering with sweat. This time he’s wearing a tux and a wicked smirk that makes my heart beat too fast. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him, the moment feels supercharged.


When a mystery billionaire purchases her a priceless cuff with an offer to work for him, then leaves her with only the memory of his unreal aqua eyes, her life goes up in flames.
Layla Price's life isn't what it should be.


Heather is a recently divorced single mother trying to find her place in the world. Since the divorce, her son has acted out and she is at a loss at what to do. As Heather adjust to the new normal, an unexpected tragedy leaves her in control of a massive ranch. 


Deep inside a mountain in what used to be North America dwells the last of humanity. Welcome to the Biodome, where steel, rock and armed guards separate the privileged from the slaves.



The world moved on. Now we're ruled by the Summit.
In a world where teenagers are ranked from One to Nine, I'm a Five. AN UNCHOSEN.
I'm the scapegoat in my family, and today I'll pay the price for their survival.


For Bailey, catering to the magical is a tough gig on a good day, but she has few other options. She can either keep spiking drinks with pixie dust to keep the locals happy, or spend the rest of her life cleaning up some of the world’s nastiest magical substances.


Three hundred years ago, a lethal and mysterious threat arose and pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Now, a small remnant - the descendants of the few survivors who escaped the massacre below - lives above the clouds, atop a mountain.


Pino Lella wants nothing to do with the war or the Nazis. He’s a normal Italian teenager—obsessed with music, food, and girls—but his days of innocence are numbered.


Emily Ballenger just buried her brother after spending ten years as his caretaker. Seven months before he died, she met David Eastman, a billionaire Dom who swept her off her feet and promised her the world.

LOST ANGELS New Cover 3.png

 Jude intends to uphold his impeccable record and become an Archangel. Nothing must come between him and his desire. Except...after years of planning, Lucifer has discovered a means to kill his siblings, the Archangels. 


When the Dragon King demands that Princess Verity choose a romantic partner from 26 dragon shapeshifters, she’s not allowed to say, “No.” But she has to.


Menacing dark fantasy and horror combine in the first book of this reader acclaimed supernatural series (Gabriel Davenport) from British author Beverley Lee


An immortal warrior gone rogue. A woman who needs his help to rescue her sister. Will their searing connection help them defeat the ancient evil hunting them, or will it destroy their very souls?



Unravel the mystery of the Phoenix Throne.
An embattled Highlander. A time-traveling cop. An ancient curse.



That baby, the one whose Mama gave him all that drama? Well, she's all grown up and ready to date!
And Sawyer is not happy about it.


By the age of fifteen, Lasgol has endured a hard childhood and lives, cornered and hated, in a small village in the North. He is the son of the traitor, the man who betrayed the kingdom and tried to kill the King.


I'm Rachel Collins, low witch and raven shifter in hiding. I spend my days tending the cash register at a local magic shop and my nights patrolling the streets for vampires with a death wish. 


.Amanda King and Tess Cuffe are strangers who share the same Georgian house, but their lives couldn't be more different.


From the ravens circling its spires to the gargoyles adorning its roof, Blackberry Manor looms ominously over its rambling grounds. And behind its doors, amid the flickering shadows and secret passageways, danger lies in wait


Waking up without his memories and hunted by Agent Cooper, Michael finds sanctuary with a group of perceivers: telepaths who sense the thoughts and emotions of others


Indulge in the dark, sexy new series set in Victorian England - a damaged aristocrat and destitute woman find love in a dangerous and unpredictable world.



Former rodeo champion and cowboy Walker Thompson trains horses at Brush Creek Horse Ranch, where he lives a simple life in his cabin with his ten-year-old son, Michael. He's worked with Tess Wagner, a widow who came to Brush Creek to escape the turmoil of her life to give her seven-year-old son, Graham, a slower pace of life.







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