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Page-turner ✅ Action-packed✅ Must Read✅
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    GQ never hurts for female companionship, but his partners never seem to measure up to his expectations. He’s not sure he should even bother courting more disappointment, but Dr. Celeste Potter proves to be much more than meets the eye.




With the shadowy organization still eluding capture, GQ and the team head to London where the next attacks are expected to occur. The SEALs, CIA and MI6 team up to discover the targets. GQ is still working at handling his mom’s death and the information that he has to the possible whereabouts of his father whom he thought was dead. He’s not sure he wants to confirm his mother’s bitter rantings impugning his dad’s character. With his own personal stuff clogging up his head, he’s disconcerted to find himself attracted to the reserved, quirky Dr. Celeste Potter, the cryptologist the NSA has sent to break the encryption on the laptop recovered from the NSH goons in Bolivia. GQ never hurts for female companionship, but his partners never seem to measure up to his expectations. He’s not sure he should even bother courting more disappointment, but the woman proves to be much more than meets the eye.

Initially, Celeste is horrified and unbalanced when her boss assigns her to work not only in London, away from her comfortable home base and her perfect office, but he expects her to collaborate with people—a lot of people. It’s imperative she work alone and only rely on her own personal friend. Then he mentions NSH and everything changes. She does care about what the terrorist group is doing, all those deaths were definitely distressing, but her main interest in them is that they are hidden. There’s no information on the mastermind at all. That intrigues her immensely. She agrees to go. But the reality of interacting with so many causes her stress until Petty Officer Remington “GQ” Nash steps in and seems to know exactly what she needs. Men had never been on her radar—they took up too much time, were messy, and had needs she just didn’t want to understand. But she couldn’t seem to dismiss this particular man, who makes her think too hard and want too much. But she is going to need him when NSH reveals their catastrophic plan that chillingly includes her.

OMG!!! Buckle up for the ride of your life such an intense, intriguing, mysterious, riviting, action-packed drama full of suspense, deceit, secrets, lies, betrayal, steam, emotional turmoil, danger, twists you never saw coming its addicting page turner. Dr. Celeste Potter a crytologist who works for NSA so use to being in her quiet work space is asked by her boss Jeffrey to work not just in London away from her comfortable home base, he wants her working with alot of people when he brings up NSH she's all in this is a Shadowy Organization that hasn't been taken down.
Petty Officer Remington "GQ" Nash steps up to calm Celeste easing her mind drawing her out of her shell she's stayed in for so long never interacting with alot of people she so use to her friend Ailee who she created at age 12yrs an AI she's kept secret for years.
I definitely recommend to get this on the edge of your seat "GQ & Celeste" take you on quite the journey both have tragic pasts but are drawn to one another from the start & developes into so much more will Celeste find out who the mastermind behind NSH when she realizes their catastrophic plan that shockingly includes her, so much happens you can't put this book down with fantastic characters that pull you right into all the chaos.

 Amazon Reviewer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Wow Wow!!
Excellent book absolutely awesome one of the best, Zoe Dawson books are irresistible and unmissable totally rocking. Great read loved ever minute of suspense and action packed pages wow wow!! I recommend to everyone to read this book and series awesome. Thanks.
Goodreads Reviewer
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐You won't pout it down 
This is another fast paced totally twisty tale as Ice's Seal Team take on No Safe Haven very time you think you know what is happening there is a twist that has you recalculating your information This is Remington “GQ” Nash and Dr Celeste Potter's story She is the brilliant cryptographer who works for the NSA who could be their secret weapon to bring down NSH. A woman who lives in her own tiny bubble who hides from the real world. GQ hides in his own way never showing any emotion and never allowing any attachment except with his team damaged by his others wicked ways. From the first meeting Celeste batters down GQ walls and he doesn't stand a chance but can they survive NSH latest attempts at anarchy and find a way to be together You will have to read to see But be prepared once you start this book you won't pout it down until you turn that last page I hope we get to see more of Elvis "Crow" Crowman and his Seal team
Bookbub Reviewer
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