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Children's Fiction, mystery, Friendship

In a simpler time before cell phones and social media, a quartet of friends discover the true meaning of friendship. Althea Candice Edwards, Ace to her friends and family, is an inquisitive 11-year-old obsessed with mysteries. With her two besties, Janine and Moo, and their new friend, heiress Roberta Winslow, they discover a hidden cave filled with stolen items. When the local police don't believe them, they decide to investigate on their own. Will their strong friendship bond keep them safe?



Actress Ellen Tracy has lost her faith in the City of Angels until the Seraph Iofiel appears to rescue her from Armageddon, but she soon learns she has a starring role in the sequel to the end of the world.




Can an outlaw save a broken world? Shade is deadly and a little broken. But in a land where goodness lost and heroes died, he might be the best hope Evendar has. Yet Night Riders are not heroes and he cannot restore a conquered nation alone. Four unlikely heroes will rise, marked by tragedy and fate. Together, they have one chance to save a legacy greater than nations, armies, and songs. NIGHT RIDER is an epic fantasy in a world with hints of hope, for fans of The Witcher & LOTR. Updates Sunday.


Thriller, suspense, Crime, female Sleuth, Murder

Someone is murdering teenage girls in Washington, DC. The FBI's special division, the SPCD - the Sexual Predators of Children - has been working the case for the past 6 months. When a Senator's daughter goes missing, the team, led by Tucker Petrie, has to call on retired profiler - and his past partner - Kella O'Brian. Reluctantly, she rejoins the team and they search for a link to the girls who have been abducted, then killed.


    Romance, Action/Adventure

Competing in The Queen Trials is Clio's only way out of the mines. Plunged into a competition with dozens of gorgeous women, Clio is willing to do whatever it takes to catch King Ergondy's attention. Her life depends on it.




"Somewhere In Time" meets "The Bodyguard" in STONE ANGEL. Who holds the secret of Time? The time of birth...of death...of things yet to unfold? Once Aurelea was the beloved wife of a Creole aristocrat. He was killed, and she was betrayed, deceived, and held captive. Now, grain by grain, sand sifts through the hourglass, and second by second, Aurelea fights to survive, determined to save herself and the baby she carries. She needs a miracle. What does Destiny have in store for her?


Paranormal romance

Welcome to Visle, a haven for the supernatural, a nightmare for the humans who stumble upon their sanctuary. In this town, nothing is off limits. On Visle, everyone is accepted... except me. I'm painfully plain, a witch with no magic, the gum on the bottom of a centaur's hoof. That's why my family sells me to the highest bidder on my eighteenth birthday. I always knew that was coming. But I never expected to be sold to the vampires. And I definitely never could have guessed why they want me.



Lady Victoria Darby escapes London society as a spoiled brat. A moonlight ride on the moor and an encounter with a notorious highwayman will forever change the way she lives...and the way she dies. Includes BONUS STORY: Star Angel



Contemporary Romance

Ellie's desperately trying to fit in at college and gaining experience in the bedroom is part of her plan. She makes a list of the sexy things she needs to try. All she needs now is a guy. Her brother's best friend, Beckett, volunteers to help her out. What starts as a short-term fling gets serious fast. Ellie finds that she craves Beckett's kisses and Beckett can only think about the next time he's in Ellie's bed. Can they keep their promise of no strings?


Contemporary Romance

Gabriel knows how to fix things. After all, he owns Angelic Cycle, the most popular motorcycle repair shop in the city. Sophie creates beauty as an emerging artist. A charity auction brings them together to work on a masterpiece of a bike. Their chemistry sizzles and soon Sophie is falling for the grumpy bad boy. Gabriel has to put the past behind him to learn to love again. And Sophie has to learn that trust is necessary for love.



My name is Aurelia, and I've been sentenced to Tenebris Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Get a little stabby with a rapist, and suddenly people toss around words like Murder. Dr. Stone has something planned. I don't know why, but my monsters don't like it. The longer I'm here, the more men I collect. A ghost, incubus, beast...and now Hyde and the Ripper? Things are getting interesting. **Monster Reserve Harem Erotica with graphic scenes some readers may find objectionable**