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I went to a sex club to lose my virginity, but all I got was the attention of a man I should've stayed far away from. Nicholas is dark, dangerous, and charming. When he fails to sweep me off my feet, he finds another way to claim me. Now, locked away in his secluded mansion, I either give him what he wants or risk facing his wrath. This is a dark game, and if I'm not careful I could end up dead, that's if I don't lose my soul to him first.


Thriller, suspense, Crime

Someone is murdering teenage girls in Washington, DC. The FBI's special division, the SPCD - the Sexual Predators of Children - has been working the case for the past 6 months. When a Senator's daughter goes missing, the team, lead by Tucker Petrie, has to call on retired profiler - and his past partner - Kella O'Brian. Reluctantly, she rejoins the team and they search for a link to the girls who have been abducted, then killed.



Breaking Bad and Ozark fans are sure to enjoy this story of a high school teacher in over his head with a drug cartel in a sleepy rural town. Teaching high school history wasn't the life Jordan envisioned for himself. But it's the life he's got. Daily, he sees drug dealers pull up to the school in their high-priced cars, and it makes him sick--he can't even afford his wife's medical care. When he locates one of the dealer's stash houses, he decides it's time for a shift in the balance of power.



Some love stories last forever. Some are tragic. Some just...need magic. Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn. Their love changed history. Max King & Daisy Colston. Not so much. They despise each other as they play the part of the fabled lovers in the film considered 'the-next-big-thing' about the legendary Tudor affair. A chance encounter at a New Orleans tarot shop could seal their destiny.




When 17-year-old Helen is left alone in Nevada's Black Canyon following the death of her father, she is determined to defy society's expectations of a young woman during the Great Depression. The deadly wildlife and harsh climate of the desert are the least of her concerns. If she hopes to challenge the norms and find her own "American Dream," she must embrace the aid of Ezra, a young worker at the Hoover Dam, a few prostitutes, a thirteen-year-old runaway, and a dead Indian.



A junkie. A senator. A half-feral tween. Brought together by chance, the unlikely trio shares a common goal: Get out of NYC. But as they traverse the zombie-infested hellscape, each haunted by their own demons, they must battle more than the undead if they hope to survive.




[NOW SHOWING: SEASON 2 * New episodes posted every Sun & Wed] "Where were you when you turned?" The Wormwood Prion infected millions with an irresistible need to chew, demonstrating a distinct preference for human flesh. Allison Rose is lucky. She's one of the fortunate few to wake up in a Recovery Center; cured, but with a head full of monstrous memories intact. Teaming up with the enigmatic Will Turner, they discover the cure isn't the end of their nightmare, it's just the beginning.


Contemporary Romance

When her nerdy royal boyfriend C.J. proposes (with the ring that belonged to his late mother, Violet), American college student Katrina Williamson is bombarded with press encounters from Hell, backstabbing future in-laws, archaic royal rules, and wild conspiracy theories regarding Princess Violet's tragic death--theories that might not be so wild after all. After she uncovers the truth behind what really happened to C.J.'s mother, Kat risks losing her own happily ever after.




Princess Emilia has been in exile her entire life. But one morning when she is summoned by her father, the king, her small, secluded world is flipped on its axis. She is informed that she is to wed her cousin & that until her wedding in 7 days, she will be under the constant guard of the 2 most eligible and handsome knights in the realm. However will the innocent princess resist the magnetic pull of the gorgeous Sir Kellan or the charming personality of Sir Reese? What is a princess to do? Ag18+



    Contemporary romance

Ellie's desperately trying to fit in at college and gaining experience in the bedroom is part of her plan. She makes a list of the sexy things she needs to try. All she needs now is a guy. Her brother's best friend, Beckett, volunteers to help her out. What starts as a short-term fling gets serious fast. Ellie finds that she craves Beckett's kisses and Beckett can only think about the next time he's in Ellie's bed. Can they keep their promise of no strings?




Cassiopeia used to think she was a normal girl with weird hair and a weirder name. All she ever wanted was to fit in. She learned young that wasn't a possibility. She was a witch born to human parents; created to stand out. As a child, she witnessed the horrors of a supernatural world she hadn't known existed. Demons are acting out of character, going against thousands of years of lore. Innocent people are being killed so someone can collect power and unleash hell on Earth. Literally.



On the day of her anointing, young Princess Nyaria and the women of her Freig clan are attacked by ruthless mercenaries. With her kingdom decimated, her people scattered and lost, she is taken as a reluctant ward of her enemy. As she vows to avenge her clan, forces align. Loyalties are tested. And a new war for power begins. Can Nyaria find her way back to her people? Will temptations inside the new world consume her desires for vengeance? Or will the strange land become her prison forever?