What is NetGalley?

NetGalley is  well known as the go-to site for reviews. The site is populated with over 350 000 book advocates and influencers. From booksellers, librarians, media, bloggers, reviewers and many more. The majority of big publishing houses use NetGalley to build pre-publication buzz by listing their titles months before release date. So yeah, NetGalley is the site. The only downside is the price. NetGalley charges $450 standard listing per title (You can get more details about their fees here).

Don't worry about the $450 because that's why Book Throne NetGalley Co-op is here, to make things easier and affordable.

How Does it Work?

By listing your title on NetGalley, you're not only reaching new audiences, you're also putting your book in front of librarians, educators, bloggers, booksellers as well as media professionals. Thus expanding your reach to some communities that we know, as self-published authors, can be impossible to reach.

When you submit your book to NetGalley, you can expect any of the above book communities to  find your title and request a copy to read and review. That's not all, you can read more about the benefits of listing your title on NetGalley here.


Your Options & Cost

These prices include weekly promotions of your title in our Book Throne Newsletter. Every Friday we send a special email to our readers telling them about the latest titles on our NetGalley page.

With the 3, 6, and 12 months subscription, you have the option to change your title every month.



Spots are Limited. Don't Miss out!

What to Expect from Book Throne NetGalley Co-op

After uploading your Book on NetGalley, we will email you with all the links and details you need to know about your title, explaining more about your start and end dates.

  1. We will take care of everything, including requests for your books. We are very careful when accepting or declining request. We examine user profiles, monitor reputations, and visit their blog/review sites to assess their likelihood of leaving a review.

  2. Every fortnight, we will email you reports about the progress of your title. These include;

  • Detailed Activity Report-The Detailed Activity Report includes information about the book's activity, including when an individual member requested the title, the approval/decline date, how the member gained access, information about how the member accessed your content files, and whether they submitted feedback via NetGalley


  • Snapshot PDF about the activity and opinions submitted for your title

  • Feedback Report -The Feedback Report includes consolidated information about the reviews submitted for this title

  • Opinions Report-The Opinions Report includes the individual responses for the Yes/No questions members can answer. 

​   3. We promote your title together with all our other NetGalley titles in our Book Throne Friday ARC Special Newsletter.

What You need to know

Book Throne does not guarantee or sell reviews. You can read more about NetGallery's statement regarding reviews here

Frequently asked questions

How soon can you add my book to NetGalley?

We pride ourselves in providing a quick service. As long they're spots available when you place your order, we will add your book the same day, unless you pick a different date.

I want to add my whole series. Is there a limit to the number of spots I can book?

No. You can book as many spots as you wish. If you have more than 4 books email us for a special discount.

I've changed my mind about my spot. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we can not give you a refund after your title has been added to NetGalley. However, you're free to sub-let your spot to another author.

Can I buy the 1 year subscription and share it with a friend?

Yes. As long as you swap your titles montlhy.

Can I swap a title after 2 weeks?

2 weeks is too short to give your title a fair chance. To avoid disapointment we reccommend listing your title for a minimum of 30days.

Can I book in advance?

Yes, that's the best way to avoid disappointment.

What are your payment methods?

Paypal & Stripe

You're in the UK, does that mean my title only appears in NetGalley UK?

No. Our location does not determine where your title can be added or which readers can see it. Once your book is added, it will show up on every NetGalley site, regardless where you live.

My book is already published, do you only accept ARCs?

All books are welcome, ARCs, Pre-Orders, New Release, Published/ backlists.