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Thriller, suspense, Crime, female Sleuth, Murder

At a charity auction, the father Balinda Carson hasn't seen for years is murdered. The weapon is tossed into the magnificent dollhouse she constructed and all evidence points to her as the killer. But the lead detective investigating the case doesn't believe she did it. Can he prove she's innocent before she's the next victim?



Thriller, suspense, Crime, female Sleuth, Murder

Someone is murdering teenage girls in Washington, DC. The FBI's special division, the SPCD - the Sexual Predators of Children - has been working the case for the past 6 months. When a Senator's daughter goes missing, the team, lead by Tucker Petrie, has to call on retired profiler - and his past partner - Kella O'Brian. Reluctantly, she rejoins the team and they search for a link to the girls who have been abducted, then killed.


Contemporary Romance

I'm falling in love with one of the most captivating men I've ever laid eyes on. But, what happens when his best friend is an old crush who wants to ignite a new flame?


The Blood Moon Princess_v3.jpeg

Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

On the day of her anointing, young Princess Nyaria and the women of her Freig clan are attacked by ruthless mercenaries. With her kingdom decimated, her people scattered and lost, she is taken as a reluctant ward of her enemy. As she vows to avenge her family, forces align. Loyalties are tested. And a new war for power begins. Can Nyaria find her way back to her people? Will temptations inside the new world consume her desires for vengeance? Or will the strange land become her prison forever?

81zTTdKfz8L._SY900_ (1).jpg

Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

It's a mean world. And it's only getting meaner. Humans and Supernaturals live side-by-side, sharing power in a tenuous truce. Eva Jacobs is a ward of the state and a 17-year-old vampire with a secret that will upend the balance between vampires and humans. To some, she's a weapon. To the vampire hunter charged to find her, she's his salvation. Who will survive living hell?




Princess Emilia has been in exile her entire life. But one morning when she is summoned by her father, the king, her small, secluded world is flipped on its axis. She is informed that she is to wed her cousin & that until her wedding in 7 days, she will be under the constant guard of the 2 most eligible and handsome knights in the realm. However will the innocent princess resist the magnetic pull of the gorgeous Sir Kellan or the charming personality of Sir Rhys? What is a princess to do? Age18+



Some love stories last forever. Some are tragic. Some just...need magic. Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn. Their love changed history. Max King & Daisy Colston. Not so much. They despise each other as they play the part of the fabled lovers in the film considered 'the-next-big-thing' about the legendary Tudor affair. A chance encounter at a New Orleans tarot shop could seal their destiny.


Contemporary Romance

Sexy, inked bar owner seeks marketing consultant to save his failing business. Smart, capable marketing consultant gets up close and personal with her new boss. They find undeniable passion together. Can Ian learn to trust again and will Claire realize that success is that much sweeter when shared?



Contemporary Romance

The last thing Sawyer needs is his buttoned-up roommate Logan befriending him. This was supposed to be a strictly platonic arrangement. A quiet place for Sawyer to finish his demanding degree away from temptation. Instead, he found Logan's good looks and charm getting under his skin until all he could think about is what Logan's mouth would feel like under his. Logan was a bad bet and they both knew it. Except Sawyer kept fantasizing about what lies beneath Logan's expensive suits and ties...


Contemporary romance

Ellie's desperately trying to fit in at college and gaining experience in the bedroom is part of her plan. She makes a list of the sexy things she needs to try. All she needs now is a guy. Her brother's best friend, Beckett, volunteers to help her out. What starts as a short-term fling gets serious fast. Ellie finds that she craves Beckett's kisses and Beckett can only think about the next time he's in Ellie's bed. Can they keep their promise of no strings?


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