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Can an outlaw save a broken world? Shade is deadly and a little broken. But in a land where goodness lost and heroes died, he might be the best hope Evendar has. Yet Night Riders are not heroes and he cannot restore a conquered nation alone. Four unlikely heroes will rise, marked by tragedy and fate. Together, they have one chance to save a legacy greater than nations, armies, and songs. NIGHT RIDER is an epic fantasy in a world with hints of hope, for fans of The Witcher & LOTR. Updates Sunday.



"Somewhere In Time" meets "The Bodyguard" in STONE ANGEL. Who holds the secret of Time? The time of birth...of death...of things yet to unfold? Once Aurelea was the beloved wife of a Creole aristocrat. He was killed, and she was betrayed, deceived, and held captive. Now, grain by grain, sand sifts through the hourglass, and second by second, Aurelea fights to survive, determined to save herself and the baby she carries. She needs a miracle. What does Destiny have in store for her?



When her father is killed in an apparent drug deal, his daughter is distraught and even more upset when he's portrayed as a criminal. Maggie knows he had nothing to do with drugs, but the police don't care what she says. Vowing to clear his name, she begins investigating. Her quest leads to the past when he was a military policeman and ends in the present where someone is killing to keep secrets. Will anyone believe her if she survives long enough to reveal the killer?


Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance

At the end, we only have ourselves to blame. We focused on pride and what reality should be. No one could see it until it was too late. In the end, the darkness didn't have to do much. We were more than capable of destroying the world ourselves. Now evil roams the earth, killing what's left of us. I don't know why it bothers. We are fallen. But if that is true, then why do I feel hope for the first time? I must truly be damned. That's the only reason I could see him as anything but a monster.


Steamy contemporary romance

Hate-at-first-sight turns to tempestuous love in 90s small-town South Carolina. Celebrated photographer Campbell True roars into his hometown vowing to settle his stepmother's estate, take his half-brother and run. He never planned on Fontana Quinn, the fiery, independent woman dead-set on stopping him. STEAMY. Enemies to lovers, guy falls first, class difference, opposites attract Series: True Men -- Campbell, Justin, Dallas, Will


Spicy Paranormal

A night I can't remember, I swear my eyes are glowing, and is the water singing? I thought everything was getting back on track after my fiance dumped me without warning. Now, I'm not so sure. This seaside town seems to be keeping secrets. Even my totally hot rebound guy has mysteries surrounding him. But I can't just dump him, now that we're finally connecting, even if my eyes are glowing. Can I just pretend that everything is normal? *Updates weekly*



Before recorded time, the Grigori, those angels who married mortal wives and sired the monstrous Nephilim, were punished. A great flood was sent to eradicate all evidence of their being. Lamed was severely punished by being buried alive beneath the Earth. There's something you should know about Lamed, another part of his punishment, and the young woman who has strayed into his dark domain is about to find out what that something is.



Competing in The Queen Trials is Clio's only way out of the mines. Plunged into a competition with dozens of gorgeous women, Clio is willing to do whatever it takes to catch King Ergondy's attention. Her life depends on it.




Magic always has a price. Sarah discovers a cursed treasure, haunted by a tormented soul who befriends her. When she uncovers a forgotten history, Sarah must choose: explore the truth behind her own heritage, or doom her new friend to be cursed forever?