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Homicide Detective Elizabeth Bennett and senior partner Frank Churchill are called to Longbourne College when the body of student Charlotte Lucas is found bludgeoned to death. Charlotte, a scholarship student had a healthy supply of designer clothes, jewelry, and a safe deposit box loaded with cash. Where did she get them? Charlotte had a very antagonistic relationship with her English professor, Dr. Darcy, and he soon becomes the primary suspect. But did he do it?


female Sleuth,

A cheating husband. A group of widows. A hospital bed. A priest. What do they all have in common? Death.



    Humor, Fantasy,

Look, just because I slept with the prince at the ball doesn't mean I'm the worst fairy godmother ever. I'm only in trouble because Cindy made a big deal, weeping in the middle of the ballroom like it was junior prom. Trust me, there were plenty of other guys there for her to talk to. I'm the real victim here. I barely got to finish before the old hags at HQ were lowering the hammer on me. It's like no one knows how to have a good time anymore.



James Burke has moved on from his agency espionage days and is now an independent operator who dwells in the dark underground of international criminal activity. His hands aren't clean, but his motives are ... usually. To Burke, the ends always justify the means, especially when dealing with the scum of the earth.




The Prophecy says the Daughters of Eve will protect humanity from the darkness. Morrigan Hale isn't sure this pertains to her. All her life, her dreams took her to a horrible place. Now, she must enter in her human form to banish the darkness. And what about this cop Saban? How's he going to help? To protect her mother and humanity, Morrigan must do something she has never done: believe. New episodes every M,W,F! Follow me on Facebook @M.J.Scarletauthor



"Somewhere In Time" meets "The Bodyguard" in STONE ANGEL. Who holds the secret of Time? The time of birth...of death...of things yet to unfold? Once Aurelea was the beloved wife of a Creole aristocrat. He was killed, and she was betrayed, deceived, and held captive. Now, grain by grain, sand sifts through the hourglass, and second by second, Aurelea fights to survive, determined to save herself and the baby she carries. She needs a miracle. What does Destiny have in store for her?



When her father is killed in an apparent drug deal, his daughter is distraught and even more upset when he's portrayed as a criminal. Maggie knows he had nothing to do with drugs, but the police don't care what she says. Vowing to clear his name, she begins investigating. Her quest leads to the past when he was a military policeman and ends in the present where someone is killing to keep secrets. Will anyone believe her if she survives long enough to reveal the killer?



It's a mean world. And it's only getting meaner. Humans and Supernaturals live side-by-side, sharing power in a tenuous truce. Eva Jacobs is a ward of the state and a 17-year-old vampire with a secret that will upend the balance between vampires and humans. To some, she's a weapon. To the vampire hunter charged to find her, she's his salvation. Who will survive living hell?





Everyone thinks 16-year-old Tim has the kiss of death. His mother dying during his birth, his best friend being struck by lightning twice, & a string of bizarre deaths don't help. When Skye shows up in school, he tries to convince her he's harmless. After Tim's dad reveals he is a real grim reaper and wants Tim to be a reaper too, it all goes downhill. Can Tim woo the girl of his dreams and get out of reaping? His existence, his dad's soul, & his only chance at being kissed are at stake.


Contemporary romance

Ellie's desperately trying to fit in at college and gaining experience in the bedroom is part of her plan. She makes a list of the sexy things she needs to try. All she needs now is a guy. Her brother's best friend, Beckett, volunteers to help her out. What starts as a short-term fling gets serious fast. Ellie finds that she craves Beckett's kisses and Beckett can only think about the next time he's in Ellie's bed. Can they keep their promise of no strings?


Contemporary romance

Sexy, inked bar owner seeks marketing consultant to save his failing business. Smart, capable marketing consultant gets up close and personal with her new boss. They find undeniable passion together. Can Ian learn to trust again and will Claire realize that success is that much sweeter when shared?



Steamy contemporary romance

Waiting isn't easy for Nick Bancroft when his crew is sidelined in San Francisco. An old friend needs his help and asks Nick to work undercover to help find who's selling military grade weapons to the enemy. His team joins him as household help, and Tami poses as his wife, to help uncover the culprits. But Nick has had feelings for Tami for years. Jumping into the fray is dangerous, but sleeping beside Tami at night might just be more than he can handle.



Kayleigh didn't mean to be caught out after dark, but the cursed hounds that emerge from the Duke's estate at sunset don't care about accidents. Her rescuer, Connell, seems to be the only survivor of the Duke's household, cursed and trapped behind the abandoned estate walls. He's a mystery wrapped in a handsome smile and the secrets he's keeping might be the doom of them both, no matter how much Kayleigh's heart wants to trust him. An F/M/M reimagining of Beauty & the Beast. Updates Tues/Fri.


    Contemporary Romance

Celebrated photographer Campbell True roars into his hometown vowing to settle his stepmother's estate, take his half-brother and run. He never planned on sharing a scorching passion with the one woman dead-set on stopping him from making a quick hit-and-run. Now, these star-crossed lovers must decide if love is the strongest bond of all. STEAMY. Tropes: Enemies to lovers, guy falls first, SLOW BURN Series: True Men





All I wanted was a drink, and to pick up a bounty or two. Instead, I end up saving a soiled dove. I don't care how far she's fallen. Phoebe looks like an angel, and I'll do whatever it takes to give her a better life -- if it means I won't be part of it. So why can't I get her off my mind? It never occurred to me I'd lose her to someone else, or that my line of work would put her in danger. What will it take for her to give me another chance? ***WARNING: Multiple Partners, Abuse, and Assault***