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Seasons of Northridge

A Contemporary Romance Series by Rebecca Heflin


Welcome to Northridge, Georgia, population 6023.

Its citizens are happy to call it their home, and newcomers can't wait to make it their home. Come for a visit and stay awhile.

Who knows . . . you might fall in love.

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✅Happily Ever After!

✅Small Town Romance

✅Contemporary Women's Fiction

✅Holiday Romance




💕🍂They let each other go once . . . will history repeat itself?🍂💕


A Season to Dance

A Seasons of Northridge Book 1

Olivia James and Zach Ryder were high school sweethearts, but at age eighteen, she left small-town Georgia for the bright lights and satin pointe shoes of Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet. Seventeen years later, Olivia’s come home for her mother’s funeral, nursing an injury that could likely end her meteoric dance career. Being back home stirs up old heartache, and seeing Zach again is not on her to-do list. Her best bet is get in, get out—a week at most. Then she’ll return to Chicago to rehabilitate her injury and salvage her career. But best laid plans often go astray . . .

Zach has never really recovered from Olivia’s departure, even though he always knew she was destined for fame, while he was destined for small-town life. Now Olivia’s back and he’s determined to protect his heart. But when he learns she’s staying in town longer than originally planned, Zach knows they are going to have to face the past to move on. He’s just not prepared for the beautiful woman she’s become or the effect she still has on his heart.

Small towns being what they are, Zach and Olivia are constantly thrown into one another's paths, and it soon becomes apparent they still love each other. Will they give in to their rekindled desire and seize a second chance at happiness?

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Praise For Seasons of Northridge Series

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ OUTSTANDING second chance contemporary romance! A SEASON TO DANCE by Rebecca Heflin is a small town contemporary second chance romance with characters that evoke all of your emotions from high to low and vivid writing that makes you believe you are dancing right along with the heroine. This story is a standalone, but I hope the author will follow the secondary characters in the future.. Amazon reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A hero and heroine struggling with the challenge of forgiveness. Okay, I admit I read all of Ms. Heflin's books. I love her characters, the plot (grows naturally out of the characters) and the attention to detail shown in the creation of the world/environment, Her stories also have just the right mix of plot and "heat" for me, and this book is no exception. So, it would be a "win" if it just stopped there. Amazon reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A well-written story I absolutely loved A Season to Dance by Rebecca Heflin! From the very first page, you will be hooked by a witty, well-written story that grabs you and doesn't let go... Bookbub reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Impulsive in Vegas creates quite a mess! This is the third book in a series from Ms. Heflin and it does not disappoint! Her characters are very real. This is a wonderful romance with many relationship roadblocks. Definitely a stand-alone story, however, reading this series in order really connects the reader to the enchanting and warm town of Northridge and the colorful people who live there. We learn about Georgia in the second book, A Season To Love, as Marshall’s granddaughter who is moving back to Northridge after getting out of Dodge years earlier right after high school when she moved to California. When Georgia shows back up in this story, her life is quite a mess! “Oh, how the mighty have fallen…” indeed! Amazon Reviewer


A Season to Love

A Seasons of Northridge Book 2

Kristen McKay and Tyler Kincaide have a past—one that has left her with a bone-deep animosity for him. And a secret.

After seventeen years away, Tyler has returned to his hometown of Northridge, complicating Kristen’s life and dredging up conflicting emotions she’d rather not confront: the shame of that night so many years ago, coupled with the confounding and unwelcome physical attraction she has for him; the desire to keep her secret, and the guilt over doing just that.

For his part, Tyler tries to renew his once-casual friendship with Kristen, but is greeted with open hostility for his efforts. He can’t understand why she feels about him the way he feels about Brussels sprouts and kale—intense loathing. What did he do that was so unforgivable? And what can he do to make her view him with less distaste than she would gum on the bottom of her shoe?

When they’re roped into working on a project together for the town’s Economic Development Council, there is no denying their chemistry. The heat between them grows into something more than sexual attraction, leaving Kristen no other alternative.

She must confess her secret, even though she knows it will tear them apart.

In an ironic twist, she finds she must seek forgiveness from the very man she swore never to forgive.

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A Season to Remember

A Seasons of Northridge Book 3

With her would-be groom and former business partner arrested and her once-successful California real estate business in shambles, good girl Georgia MacKinnon plans to return to her hometown of Northridge. But before her return, she goes on what would have been her honeymoon and spends one wild, impulsive weekend in Las Vegas.

Enter bad boy Liam Dunbar, a convicted computer hacker turned wealthy entrepreneur who is trying to outrun his past. In Vegas for a friend's wedding, Liam comes to the rescue of a beautiful woman in a nightclub. Troubled by the sadness behind her eyes, he vows to fulfill her every fantasy, if only for the weekend.

But all good things must come to an end. Mortified by her sordid weekend fling, Georgia does what any self-respecting good girl suffering from Sunday-morning regret does--she runs. No one needs to know. It is Las Vegas, after all . . .

When business brings Liam to Northridge, Georgia's impulsive behavior comes back to haunt her. Concerned about her hometown good girl reputation, she persuades Liam to keep their fling a secret. Unfortunately, what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

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A Season to Give

A Seasons of Northridge Christmas Novella

Resistance may be futile, but surrender would be scandalous.

Sophie Jordan wears her sophistication like she was born to it—which couldn't be further from the truth. But she’d worked hard to shake off the coal dust of her impoverished upbringing and now holds a lucrative position as a private secretary. Trouble is, she’s in love . . . with her boss . . . who also happens to be a royal prince. In her profession, falling in love with one’s boss is a no-no. Even worse, falling in love with a royal prince is a recipe for a very public heartbreak.

His Royal Highness, Prince Adrian Henri Alexandre Xavier Duvernay of Montagneux has lost his throne as a result of his father’s reckless actions. Now self-exiled in the U.S., he is trying to make his way in this new life that has been thrust upon him. Even so, he can’t simply shed his royal identity like an overcoat. As if that wasn’t enough, Prince Adrian is also in love . . . with his private secretary. But after his father’s explosive international scandal, he has vowed to himself and to his family there will be no more scandals—scandals like a relationship with his private secretary would create.

When the two find themselves trapped alone together on Christmas Eve, Prince Adrian must resist the temptation that is Sophie Jordan—because giving in means risking scandal and following in his father’s disgraced footsteps.

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