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Serpents MC Las Vegas Series
By Barbara Nolan
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
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The Ultimate Scam
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What happens when an outlaw biker set on revenge can't pull the trigger?
What happens when Joker and Daisy find out love isn't enough?


Joker tries to atone, he wants to move forward, but sometimes you have to do wrong for the right reasons in order to be REDEEMED.

Joker tries to put the past behind him, but when his son is caught in the crossfire of an old grudge, the Serpents MC band together to help him take down Digger, a vicious MC president.
Daisy summons up her conning skills, and makes a deal with a Las Vegas ‘fixer’ who has his own agenda. She formulates the perfect sting to lure Digger to Vegas for a final showdown, but will associating with her past tempt her in a way she hadn’t expected?

Joker wagers it all in the City of Sin for vindication, and absolution, but can he finally be REDEEMED?

Redeemed follows Joker and Daisy when they first hit Vegas, when their relationship is new and slightly fragile. Although it takes place after Beyond Redemption, it is a standalone and it is not necessary to read either Beyond Redemption or Redemption to enjoy this book.

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Amazon Reviewer

Amazing!! Absolutely fantastic!! I could not stop reading this book

Amazon Reviewer

Regret is the 3rd in the series, but can be read as a stand alone. It's a well written book that gives you strong characters, with the perfect balance of attitude, angst, suspense, romance, laughter and anger.

BookBub Reviewer

I really love these characters. Such opposites that are so attracted to each other. And they work! So many feels in this read