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Spirit of the Winds
By Judy Kentrus
Genre: Historical Romantic Suspense 
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Spirit of the Winds
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“All I want is my ship and the sea. No woman will ever run my life. I don’t need love.”
Cadell Leighton

No man is going to tell me how to run my life. All I want is my freedom. I’ll marry when I’m ready and only for love.
Katherine Jameson

“A name for a ship. That was the arrangement. Marriages were based on less.”

Boston, 1849

Cadell Leighton’s dream is about to come true. He’s worked hard to gain the knowledge to captain a new design in sailing ships. Spirit of the Winds, the latest addition to Leighton Shipping, will prove his claim to deliver cargo in record time. Wagers are heavy against him that he won’t make it back to Boston harbor.

His only regret is that his father, a ship’s captain, couldn’t share in the Wind’s maiden voyage. He was forced to leave his homeland under mysterious circumstances. Cade is determined to get answers to his many questions.

His command of the ship is contested by a Boston society chit who torments his life beyond reason. Backed into a corner, he’s forced to sacrifice his cherished freedom. The different moods of the sea won't be the only thing that will challenge his command and his heart.

Katherine Jameson hates the prim and proper life of a society maid that she’s been forced to live by. She’s being pressured into honoring a marriage contract that her mother has arranged to an undesirable clod old enough to be her father.

Riding her beloved horse gives her the freedom she desires. Her dream has always been to go to sea, following in the footsteps of her father, captain of a sailing ship. When she discovers her late father, who died under mysterious circumstances, made her part owner of a magnificent clipper, she sees it as a chance to fulfill her dream.

When these strong-willed characters are forced into a marriage neither of them wants, the storms won't only be confined to the sea. They’ll have to work together to get answers to the questions about their fathers' past lives, before they can have their much deserved happily-ever-after.

Page-turning romantic suspense

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Amazon Reviewer

Once again, Judy Kentrus has hit it out of the park!! I thought her first novel, Elusive Obsession, was such a winner and then boom, she even out does herself.

Amazon Reviewer

Judy Kentrus has a way with developing characters you just root for from page one. Her beautiful descriptions put you in the page with the characters and you just can't wait to find out what happens next.

BookBub Reviewer

I've been waiting for Margaret to get her own book! Judy Kentrus always tells a great story, with interesting twists and turns. I especially love that this book is a "seasoned romance"