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    Sweet cinnamon roll linebacker tutors the feisty sorority sister.




Sam is the life of every party at her sorority house, but now she’s just one failed class away from losing her softball scholarship and being forced to drop out of school.

Enter Miles, the massive brute of a linebacker with a secret talent for math. As she learns more about him, Sam is drawn to the reclusive giant and his unexpected sweetness.

Miles is convinced that Sam is just another girl who sees him as a big, dumb jock. But when Sam talks him into helping her for the good of their respective athletic teams, they both have to contend with the consequences of their actions.

What starts out as an innocent friendship soon turns into more. A relationship is the last thing either of them wants. So why does it feel so right?

💞Sweet and Emotional Romance!
Miles is not your typical college jock, underneath that rough linebacker exterior lies a man who is a genuine sweetheart, a man that is not just after one thing and to break hearts. No he'll steal your heart with his nice gestures, his shy personality, and caring nature... and Sam better watch out because all that sweetness is about to be bestowed on her!

The Game Plan is a sweet and light-hearted romance that is certain to leave a smile on your face! This was a refreshing take on college sports romance, usually you meet a hero that only has one thing on his mind and couldn't care less about school or helping a damsel in distress without thinking he'll be scoring after the help has been given. Miles may be rough and tough on the field, but off the field he's the complete definition of a teddy bear. He's a smart guy that sometimes feels like he gets a bad rap just for being an athlete, and he would love nothing more than for people to see the true him, but he's too shy to make that happen. Then Sam wanders onto his path and changes everything. She helps him find his voice, has his back, and appreciates and loves him for the man that he is... it's all so perfect. This was such a fun story to read, Sam and Miles had me in their corner the whole way through!! Highly recommend!

 Amazon Reviewer
💞 A definite win!
What can I possibly say about this incredible story?! This was amazing. The writing 1st of all was fantastic. I've never read from this author before and I have to say I am very impressed. I felt so connected to these two! The way the author writes was so realistic yet perfectly crafted as a make you all mushy and gushy on the inside kind of feel. Their thought, their connection...I am just blown away.
Amazon Reviewer
💞 A phenomenal read!
When I started this book, I was very intrigued to find out how a sweet cinnamon roll trope
would work in a sports romance. I will readily admit that I was skeptical that replacing the usual hot, popular, overly confident male main character with one that is sweet, shy, and kind would work in this setting. However, the author created a plot that not only worked with this type of character but demanded it. This book was phenomenal!
Amazon Reviewer
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