Red Shoe


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The Red Shoe Chronicles 
By J.P.  Uvalle & Collective Authors
Genre:  Erotic Romance 
Featuring stories from:

NYT Bestselling author N.R. Larry

London Kingsley

NYT Bestselling author Margo Bond Collins

USAT Bestselling author Gracen Miller

USAT Bestselling author Brea Viragh

USAT Bestselling author Liz Gavin

J.P. Uvalle

Anya J. Cosgrove

EmKay Connor

Chiquita Dennie

USAT Bestselling author Allyson Lindt

Sunny Abernathy
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The Red Shoe Chronicles
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Unlucky in love and unsatisfied in the bedroom, until they slip into a pair of magical high heels…

The rules of the shoes are simple. You put them on, and for forty-eight hours, your wildest sexual fantasies will come true. For forty-eight hours you will be irresistible to whoever you desire. Not to mention, you’ll have sex that will make 50 Shades look G-rated. The only catch is, at no point during the forty-eight hours can the shoes come off. If they do, the magic is over.

Warning, this collection is hot enough to smolder your kindle!

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Amazon Reviewer

I liked this anthology that took the simple concept of magical red shoes and ran with it. The short stories went from a regular woman getting over an ex to a story with a dragon and Orion. They were all fun to read and entertaining. Plus a great way to be introduced to a new author. Enjoyed them all.

Bookbub Reviewer

I enjoyed this so much. The premise was so different from anything else that I practically couldn't stop reading. I went from one story to the next without breathing.

Amazon Reviewer

The Red Shoe Chronicles is an anthology of steamy stories based upon a magical pair of red shoes which allows the characters to live their sexual fantasies for forty-eight hours. The magic will disappear as soon as the woman removes the shoes. The stories are written by a variety of best selling authors within the genre. Each title presents a different story which evolves from the magical red shoes.