Wolverine MC Series
By Alexi Ferreira
Genre:  Paranormal Romance 
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Wolverine MC
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My music calms the anger that is a constant companion in my life, its the only thing that gave me a semblance of normality. That is, until Siena explodes into my life unbalancing the fine line of sanity that I have. Her spontaneity and trustful nature baffle me. Her way of only seeing the good in others is like a ray of sun shining in the darkness. The minute I met her I knew she was my mate, the calm to my storm, but how can I trust her when she keeps disappearing?


How can someone be so filled with rage, so untrusting of others? I have followed Blue's career from the very beginning, his music talks to me like nothing else does. I have felt a pull towards him that was obsessive, but after getting the chance of finally meeting him I wasn't going to turn it down, but how do I help him when he is suspicious of my every action?

I try be good as can be, but it's the other side I see. Some in the shadows, others in the sun.

Either it's a rose or the barrel of a gun.

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Here's Your Chance to Win!

Amazon Reviewer

Ever since I had finished Tamed I have been waiting for Dash and Alaska's story! It most definitely did not disappoint, I actually stayed up all night to finish this book!

Amazon Reviewer

Love this series love the hot mc boys and their interactions throughout these books. Looking forward to the next book for more sexy hot fun with alot of good love and deep feels thrown in.

Amazon Reviewer

Bikers and Shifters the best of both worlds all in one awesome, another great read in the lives of these Bad Boys and the women who captures their heart.