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Looking for a bargain? Book Throne brings you the best 99 cents eBooks. Grab your favorite before the price changes. We cannot guarantee prices will remain the same. Some books may not be 99 cents depending on where you live.

    Dark Mafia Romance

It started with a single look... my obsession, my desire, and need to possess the sweet, and incredibly naive Elena Romero.

Like a thief I came in the dead of night and stole her away from her protected castle and placed her in a gilded cage made of gold.

Ten-millions dollars and a forced signature later and she was mine.

The deal was final.

The ink on the contract barely dry.

She would become my wife.

She would bear my children.

She would bend to my will.

But most importantly, she would help me destroy the man she loved most.

The man who took everything from me: her father.





If you love to read heartwarming, inspiring, and emotional Christian romance, don’t miss your chance to visit Sweetapple Falls! Each book is a complete romance set in a small Oregon town, where hope and healing, faith and forgiveness, and lasting love wait for each couple to find their heart’s home. In each other, in the small-town community, and in God.


Shifters Romance

Kru is trying to fit in to the newly-formed Warlander Crew on the edge of the blue dragon’s territory, but a vision from a seer has sent his head into a tailspin. He has no control of the saber-toothed tiger inside of him, and now a past that broke his animal is coming after him to finish the job. He’s finding a strange comfort in a sassy beauty who is the glue holding the Warlanders together. Cadence is the daughter of an Alpha, and her animal is tightly under control.




Literature & Fiction

6 full-length novels filled with sweet stories, beautiful romance, faith, family, fun and always a happy ending!

This collection contains books from several of Jessie Gussman's beloved series. Be swept away by cowboys, enjoy some relaxing time at the beach, and feel the cozy warmth of small town life.


Time Travel Romance

What does a mob capo want with a girl from the sticks?

Everything . . .

For twenty-seven years, I've flitted through life clueless to the God-given abilities that lay dormant inside of me. In the blink of an eye, everything changed more than I ever could've anticipated.

She changed it.

Now I know that nothing is as it seems. I will never be the same again...but this isn't my story.

It's hers...




Contemporary Romance

Holly is dealing with the impending death of her grandmother and still reeling from a bad breakup. One bright spot: a Valentine’s Day card on Holly’s windshield—even if it wasn’t meant for her. An amusing mistake soon turns into a lovely exchange of anonymous notes, little acts of kindness, and a growing affection between two strangers. What happens when one of them has to say goodbye?


Thrillers & Suspense

Book #3 REQUIEM: On a flight from Mexico City, Wanda Stroud sees troubling content on the laptop of a passenger seated ahead of her. The next day, Wanda fails to show up for a coffee date she’s made with her friend.

Ray Wyatt investigates the story while clinging to his last thread of hope that his son, Danny, is not dead.




Frontier Romance

Love small town romance? You don't want to miss this spicy mix of books from four of Vanessa Vale's bestselling series!
These tropes are in this limited time boxed set!
Billionaire, Grumpy/Sunshine, Romantic Comedy, Single Mom, Why Choose, Cowboy, Firefighter, Undercover Hero, He Falls First, City Girl/Country Boys, Obsessed Heroes and more!


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