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Time Travel Romance


A mysterious Highlander. A modern-day heroine. An ancient war.

When Ree Hamilton is flung back in time to the Medieval Scottish Highlands, she becomes a pawn in an ancient battle between Clans Lewis and Gunn. Alone in a strange time and place, Ree doesn't know which side to trust.

Niall Lewis, chief of Clan Lewis, can't help but be intrigued by the bonnie lass taken from the Gunns and brought before him. Not only is Ree strong and brave in the fight, but she possesses the intellect to create the Cipher's Kiss elixir that will hand his people victory in the war against Clan Gunn.

Historical Romance

cover_md (14).jpg

Lady Meredith is a shy bluestocking. All she wishes is to experience the scandalous joys penned in her romantic novels and perhaps even someday find her own ‘storybook’ lover. But when her father announces she is to marry the notorious Duke Ethan, her hope-filled future crumbles right before her eyes…


Duke Ethan, known for his reputation as a notorious rake and gambler, finds his wealth dwindling. His solution? A brief, advantageous marriage to the subservient Lady Meredith, whose nature to never refuse plays right into his two-week marriage scheme, after which they’ll part ways…

Upon discovering Ethan’s intentions with her, Meredith is furious. But in her hopeless situation, she sees an opportunity. If her marriage is to only last a mere 14 days, she will make the best use of it by fulfilling all her romantic fantasies with her ‘temporary husband’… Even if it takes seducing him first…

Women's Fiction


To move forward, she might have to take a step back.

Divorced empty-nester Becky Linden wants a fresh start. After two decades away, she returns to her hometown to find herself. What she discovers instead is the long-abandoned schoolhouse where she had her first kiss as a teenager.

Others might see an eyesore, but Becky sees the neglected building as a charming business opportunity and…her future. However, she can’t do it on her own. The one man who can help her is the last one she ever thought she’d ever ask—her ex-boyfriend.

Contemporary Romance


A monster storm in their path.

He whisks her away to safety.

Ah love stories. 

There is nothing better.

You have to take your time to write them though if you want your

readers to fall in love with each book and its characters.

Oh, those butterflies that you get.

You know, when you just know he is Mr. Right.

And then…

Uh oh, Mr. Aloof and Broody is here.

Pounding rain, his thumping heart.

He pulls me close to him and our lips crash on each other.

And then everything changes.

Why did you not tell me about this Michael?

I feel so betrayed.

I don’t know who to believe…

Regency Romance

91zdgyf0mOL._SL1500_ (1).jpg

Lady Sophia Hastings gets her heart broken when she learns that her betrothed has run off with another. Turning to the most successful Matchmaker of London, she is shocked to be paired with the very man she used to love once upon a time. Overwhelmed by the path that her heart has been on, she realises she has to make a critical decision. Will she let her anger prevail or will she listen to what the man who once abandoned her has to say? Could she really forget about her lost love by finding a new one, or is it impossible for her heart to overlook how she once felt?

Dark Fantasy


Shall we talk about the black bird?

When several young girls are abducted from various locations in Edinburgh, Detective John Grainger and his brother Alan, a reporter, investigate the cases from different directions. The abductor is cunning, always one step ahead, and the only clue he leaves behind at each scene are the brutalized corpses of black swans. When the brothers' investigations finally converge at a farmhouse in Central Scotland, they catch a glimpse of where the girls have been taken, a place both far away yet close enough to touch. 

A land known throughout Scottish history with many names: Faerie, Elfheim, and the Astral Plane. It is a place of legend and horror, a myth. But the brothers soon discover it's real, and, to catch the abductor, they will have to cross over themselves.

To catch a killer, John and Alan Grainger will have to battle the Cobbe, a strange and enigmatic creature that guards the realm, a creature of horrific power that demands a heavy price for entry into its world. The fate of both realms hangs in the balance...and time is running out...

    Small Town Mystery Romance


When Rene York is in Seattle on business, her mother asks for a favor. Little does she know, her life will be forever changed.

Rusty Langley’s wife and daughter have been gone for over a year, leaving him with nothing but guilt. He’s shut out the world and dreams only of revenge. Until there’s a knock on his door.

Six months later, an emotionally charged reunion gives them a second chance. Will Rene put aside her fear of being a substitute for his dead wife and take a chance? Will Rusty open the door and let love in again?

Just as forever is within their reach, danger once again calls. Do they hold on to the past and give into fear? Or do they answer the door and let love lead the way?

Is their love worth waiting for?

 Small Town Romance


Before that night, Addison Milan had been just a college dropout secretly raising her two young siblings in a beat-up minivan she'd bought with her first semester's tuition refund--the only money her addict mother hadn't taken off with when she'd abandoned them nearly two years ago.

Before that night, Caine Spencer had been just a rough, gruff cop sent to check out the phoned-in claims of suspected child neglect involving the same woman he'd met just months prior when she'd first served him the city's worst diner coffee...which he'd been drinking daily ever since.

 Romantic Comedy


Fake date. Real trouble. Fall for the fake-dating romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe! Perfect for fans of Tessa Bailey, Ali Hazelwood, and Emily Henry.

Jackson Kane is a hot Hollywood A-lister… and the first guy I ever loved. We spent a magical summer together ten years ago, but now he’s off dazzling on the red carpet, and I’m… up to my elbows in cranky plumbing, renovating my grandparents’ old B&B on Cape Cod. He’s the last man I’d expect to run into with a wet T-shirt and no bra (don’t ask) — until it turns out, he’s shooting his latest movie right here in Blackberry Cove.

Romantic Suspense


In her new romantic action adventure, Terry Odell spins her popular Blackthorne, Inc. series off into a new world of adventures filled with mystery and suspense. The Triple-D Ranch novels are set against the backdrop of a Colorado cattle ranch, where cowboys find love and danger while they're working the range.

He needs a cook, she needs a place to hide…

 Psychological Thriller


Agent Abby Kane discovers an unlikely connection with a lone little girl abandoned outside FBI headquarters: They look exactly alike.

Abby brings the girl home with her to learn more, thinking a family environment might jog the girl’s memory. Abby’s efforts pay off as the investigation points toward a human trafficking ring. But as Abby gets to know the girl, she begins to think the girl wasn’t kidnapped or trafficked. She was sent.

Regency Romance


A beast of a duke…

When Miss Emma Drake travels to Northumberland to answer an ad for a companion, she learns very quickly that her new employer is as mysterious as he is powerful. A scarred duke, known as the Beast of Blackthorne, his intimidating presence leaves her quaking in her slippers.

The rumours about him might frighten most ladies away but she’s as desperate as she is determined to find her future. Besides, she’s no family to go back to and no money to even book passage if there were. She is well and truly trapped with the beast.

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