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Contemporary Romantic Suspense



I am Tia Tucker and I see dead people.
Yep. I’m pretty sure we’ve got ghosts here.
Was I hiding? Why, yes, I was.
Hello, drop dead freaking gorgeous!
Wait a damn minute! I know this guy.
Man of my dreams he is not… more like nightmares, at best.
Ethan Wilson…
A foul taste in my mouth at the memory that I kissed this guy in high school – with tongue!
His lips hover near mine, a question in those blue eyes.
I bite my bottom lip.
I want to kiss him, damn it! But I shouldn’t want to! This is insane.
Woman. Mid-forties. Died while shopping at the comics store this morning.
No foul play suspected.
Oh come on, you know that’s not how this is going to go right?


Contemporary Fiction



Quentin Davenport is my ex-boyfriend’s father ...
And my new marriage of convenience husband

When my boyfriend leaves me at the altar
Quentin offers to marry me!
No way can I accept it,
Especially since Quentin is much older than me
He's a tall, dark and tattooed former Marine,
Whose grumpy disposition leaves much to be desired.
But this way I can salvage my dignity...

Also, I can get back at my ex.
Besides, it’s a fake marriage.
So there’s no fear of developing feelings... right?

When he offers to put my younger sister through college.
...and pay for my father’s medical treatment.
I can’t refuse him.


Historical Romance



It was supposed to be one night with the marquess…

Everyone loves Lord Julian Batchelor, Marquess of Ormonde. The golden boy of the ton, he knows everyone, and they think they know him, too. But Julian harbors dark secrets, and he’s determined not to let anyone discover them—until he meets the one woman immune to him…

But when he meets a lady who’s his perfect match…

Lady Tessa Calthorp is everything unexpected in an aristocratic woman. Co-owner of a gaming hell, she sees Julian as simply another rich lord handed everything in life—but Julian surprises Tessa. First with a daring wager, then as a man—a very sensual man with a scandalous hobby that shocks…and delights.


    Romantic Suspense



Shortly after a very rough mission in Costa Rica, where Sam “Buck” Buckard meets the intriguing and beautiful Maritza Navarro, and later is intimate with her, he’s tagged by the CIA. They’re convinced the Navarro’s coffee plantation is one of the stopgaps in the transportation of drugs from Colombia and Mexico. They recruit him and the team to head back to Costa Rica where Buck will cultivate a relationship with Martiza to get the intel they need to find the people responsible for aiding the cartels. They will assist the DEA, while giving protection to the family. Torn between his duty and his attraction to Maritza, she and her family saved their lives, Buck has to pull up on the reins, but still get close to Maritza. He’s there to do a job, keep the Navarro family safe, while ferreting out the traitor and dismantling the threat against the family. But Buck finds it difficult to deceive this coffee princess, the passion they had experienced keeps getting in the way.


 Small Town Romance



After my ex stole from me and took off, I swore off anything that even looked like a relationship.

I survived by devoting myself to the ranch and my family, keeping my head down, and accepting some of us just aren’t meant for happily ever afters.

Until a spitfire undercover agent shatters everything I believed by introducing me to a little girl who’s supposedly mine.

Now, my world centers around keeping the child safe from the danger in her past and keeping my hands off the sexy agent who is guaranteed to do what all the women in my life have done before her—leave.


Women's Fiction/ Sweet Romance



Sometimes life’s sweetest melodies are found in the most unlikely of places.

When her husband “takes a break” to figure out what he wants to do next in his life, Doris knows she must talk sense into him.

The problem is that she isn’t exactly sure where he is, he’s not answering her calls, and she has obligations she has to take care of first.

One of those obligations is to help her son Robert - more specifically her grandson Zack- by finding a childcare worker to take on all the chores and responsibilities she has been shouldering. The challenge? Robert, a single dad, has a bad track-record with nannies and she has two days to find someone who is good with kids, can start right away, and who is just desperate (or broke) enough, that they will stick with the job until the end of summer.

Enter Kiran, a woman healing from divorce, who is talented, smart, musical, and bonds easily with Zack, but is she just a little too perfect? Despite his misgivings, Robert can’t afford to question Kiran’s suitability for the role because he has no choice but to work with her.

His mother (and formerly reliable Plan B) has now flown the coop!


Contemporary Fiction



The scowl should've been my first clue to stay far away from Anson Hunt. The sexy smirk and the fact that he's my brother's best friend? Reasons two and three. Not to mention, he's the new contractor working on my house.

He's everything I'm not: grumpy, rude, and more than a little attached to his solitude. It doesn't matter how many times I try to kill him with kindness; the man simply won't crack.

Until he sees me shatter.

Because when my world comes crashing down around me, Anson is the one catching me as I fall. And as so-called accidents start plaguing every part of my life, it's Anson who steps in to keep me safe.



Contemporary Fiction



Ellie Sinclair is a hopeless romantic who writes love songs.
I’m a struggling workaholic who could inspire a hundred breakup albums.
On paper, we have nothing in common except for my son.
For eight months, I avoid her until our summer trip.
Fourteen days. Two islands. And one nanny I shouldn’t be attracted to.
Spending time with Ellie is expected, but enjoying her company?
That isn’t part of our travel plans.
After my divorce, I swore to protect my heart at all costs.
Even if it means breaking hers in the process.


Viking Historical Romance



It’s said one should never question the sire’s decisions. Yet, for Kira Fraser, blind obedience has never been a strength. And yet the king’s decree demands she marry the brute who took her father's life. The madness of it!

He is the enemy and Kira will never forget that, regardless of the allure of his touch…

Alec Mackintosh never expected to be betrothed to the she-devil. This angelic-looking bride hides a demonic warrior within. Not only is Kira nearly as skilled as he is with a sword, but she also accuses his family of being responsible for her father’s demise.


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