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JULY 15 ,2024



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Angel Romance



For what is love without sacrifice?
I said it from the very start. What is love without sacrifice?

There’s no such thing as running out of options. When I saw the end manifesting right in front of my eyes, I declared it the beginning of another battle for me to free my Jo. I was ready to become a fallen one. For her, I could do anything. But with every hopeful page I turned, came one obstacle after another. I overcame them all, until that last moment when I rested my head on her lap and we watched the sun going down. That’s when I lost.

Women's Fiction



Falling for my grumpy boss wasn’t particularly ideal.

At 22 years old, I was fresh out of M.I.T., where I graduated at the top of my class.

Lucas Sterling is the 35-year-old tech billionaire and C.E.O. of Sterling Technologies. His 6-foot-2 lean demi-god-like frame exudes sex appeal.

He has major trust issues and the social skills of a Platypus with an icy barricade surrounding his heart.

But when his stormy gray eyes lock with mine, a surge of heat slides down my belly and stops in unimaginable places.

Destined to prove myself, I worked countless hours and late nights, mere steps away from my boss’s door.

An after-hours office threat forced Lucas and me to spend the night in his private panic room.

Rules were broken.

Lines were crossed.

There’s no going back...

Dark Contemporary Romance



Previously published as SOLD TO THE VERY BAD MEN

A Dark Contemporary Romance

She’s a sheltered virgin bought to have their baby.

They’re the most powerful men in the world, willing to rewrite history for her.

All twenty-three-year-old Piper Peterson wants to do is give her sister a better life than she ever had, but after losing her job as a cleaner in the small town of Silverlight Spring, things just get bleaker… and scarier all on the same day.

Piper’s sister goes from messing around on a dating app she set up for Piper to selling her to the mafia… to have their baby.

Now the money is in their account, and the three dark, dangerous mafia bosses themselves are there to collect what they paid for, no questions asked.

Publisher Warning: Please note that this book contains scenes of a graphic nature and is not intended for sensitive readers or readers with triggers.

Paranormal Romance



Shy librarian Catena likes her quiet life…until a huge naked man muscles his way into her house, insisting he's been woken from his centuries-long sleep to be her personal protector.
Catena's life is turned upside down when she's saved by a creature she's only heard about in books. If only her hero's rock-hard abs weren't actually made out of stone.

Tor has no memory of his past. All he knows is that he must protect Catena at all costs.

Can they unlock the dark secrets chaining them to the past, and forge a new future?

CAUTION: This is a steamy gargoyle shifter romance, so if you don't like your heroes hot, hard and protective, Tor and Catena's story might be too much for you.

Second Chance Romance



Two broken hearts learning how to live - and love - again.
After a devastating tragedy shakes Erin's world, she returns to her hometown of Point Perry seeking solace and a fresh start. But just as she begins to find her footing, an unexpected visitor and an old enemy threaten to upend her life once again.

Tom, a devoted single father and beloved teacher, is no stranger to turmoil. His ex-wife, now a Hollywood starlet, has descended upon Point Perry for her movie premiere, stirring up trouble and putting Tom's priorities to the test. As the town buzzes with excitement over the event, Tom must also navigate a strained relationship with his father and protect his son from his ex's manipulations.

Despite their emotional scars and obstacles, Erin and Tom can't ignore their growing connection. As they begin to explore the chance for a future together, they must confront their past traumas and find a way to move forward. Will their love be enough to overcome the challenges they face, or will their emotional baggage prove too heavy to bear?

Steamy Paranormal Romance



She didn’t want a mate but fate has decided she needs two... A daddy and a warrior!

Forced into a world she never chose, Adriana, a witch turned against her will, has found purpose with the Shadow Sisters—warriors dedicated to rescuing women from dire situations. Having vowed never to be chained by a bond again, Adriana's world is upended when fate introduces not one, but two fated mates into her fiercely guarded life.

Greg, the doctor from a pack in the Hamptons, offers a haven of warmth and security with his caring and gentle nature. In stark contrast, Decker, the brooding commander of the guard, stirs a wild desire in Adriana with his fierce protectiveness and dominance. Torn between the comfort of a healer and the passion of a warrior, Adriana finds herself at a crossroads of the heart.

But shadows from her past linger menacingly. The wolf who turned her still lives, maintaining a dark connection that Adriana is desperate to sever. Resolved to end his reign of terror, she embarks on a perilous mission that goes awry, forcing Greg and Decker to put aside their rivalry and combine their strengths in a race against time.

As danger escalates and old enemies resurface, Adriana’s choices will have lasting consequences. Will the combined love of her mates be enough to save her? Or will the power of her own heart lead her to a future she never imagined possible?

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