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Over 99 Cents Deals

Looking for new releases or your those titles you can't say no to? Book Throne brings you the best over 99 cents deals. Grab your favorite before the price changes. We cannot guarantee prices will remain the same. Some books may not be 99 cents depending on where you live.

Western Romance

This cowboy will do everything possible to get his family back.
He never expected to uncover the treachery which tore his marriage apart.

Trace Griffin loved his life as a rodeo competitor. Leaving it behind to recover his family hadn’t been a difficult choice. Blindsided years earlier when his wife wrongly accused him of cheating, he found a new focus. Accepting a job at a dude ranch brought him closer to her and their son, setting him on a course for discovering the truth.




 YA Superhero Fiction

Sizzling with action and suspense, #1 New York Times bestselling author SARAH J. MAAS delivers a coming-of-age Selina Kyle who will steal readers' hearts in a new, highly anticipated YA blockbuster: CATWOMAN!

When the Bat's away, the Cat will play. It's time to see how many lives this cat really has.

Two years after escaping Gotham City's slums, Selina Kyle returns as the mysterious and wealthy Holly Vanderhees. 


Science Fiction & Fantasy

I was born in a forest on a night with no moon. I have fought at the War of the Trees and the Battle of Stony Farm. I have hunted with wolves under a blood moon and soared on the backs of eagles. I am the last surviving heir to the throne of Annwn, uncrowned ruler of the realm of Arawyn, sorceress master of the five elements and warrior guardian of Qi.

This is my story...




Historical Romance

How do you stop someone else’s wedding? The Duke of Richmond and Lady Catherine Campbell are about to find out!

Heaven help him from meddling spinsters…
The last thing Carlton Coleman, the Duke of Richmond, needs is Lady Catherine Campbell picking fights with his bouncers and rampaging through the halls of his peaceful gentleman's club looking for her

brother Edward. When Carlton finds out the young earl has eloped with Serafina, his naïve young ward, he offers to escort the stubborn spinster to Gretna Green to stop the wedding before it’s too late.


 Billionaire Romance

“What do you mean, ‘You gave me the wrong sperm sample’?!”
But the doctor says he isn’t joking.
Instead of being my sister's surrogate...
I'm accidentally carrying my boss's baby.

A few months ago, I agreed to be my sister's surrogate.
Then she died in an unsolved accident.
I swore I'd keep her child and raise it on my own.

But as it turns out, there was a mix-up at the clinic. Instead of carrying my future nephew...I learned I'm pregnant with my boss’s child.




Amish Romance

Come for a visit to Pennsylvania Amish country and meet the Women of Lancaster County!

In this exclusive ebook-only bundle, The Women of Lancaster County 5-in-1 explores the lives, loves, and dreams of five Amish women in a close-knit community. Written by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould, each story shares a journey taken toward romance and family revelation by a conflicted and earnest young woman.


Medical Thriller

A physician turned fugitive must save himself and stop a lethal drug-tampering plot in Robin Cook's most disturbing techno-chiller yet.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Jeffrey Rhodes's nightmare begins with nerve-shattering swiftness, but it will haunt him always: he administers routine anesthesia during a normal birth. Suddenly the young, healthy mother goes into inexplicable seizures and dies; her infant survives but is severely disabled and brain damaged. 




Historical Romance

After her mother died, vivacious Katey Tyler fled her dull Connecticut town, hoping to meet her relatives in England and find adventure and romance on a grand tour of Europe. She had no idea that her life-changing travels would have both in spades—as well as danger and intrigue—when she catches the eye of ship owner Boyd Anderson and inadvertently stumbles upon a high-stakes kidnapping.


 Fairy Tales

Tarian Hadez—thirty-three, real estate mogul, mob lord, most eligible bachelor in New England, god. The god-part is an exaggeration. After all, if true deities existed, then the world would be a magical place, and it’s really not. At least, my world isn’t.

Calanthe Bloom. That’s me. Twenty-four, college graduate drowning in debt, true crime addict, florist by default, single by design. Although not living my best life, I’m enthusiastically pursuing it.




Dark Mafia Romance

Being the eldest son has always been a blessing and a curse. I was raised to be one thing and one thing only.
A monster. My father did everything in his power to make sure that’s exactly what I became too. He wasn’t expecting that the monster he created would be the one to take him out though. Now I’m in charge. Of the family, the empire. Everything.


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