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Men of Serenity Bay Series

A Romantic Suspense Series by Danni Rose


The men of Serenity Bay, as rugged as the Northwoods of Minnesota they call home, work as hard at finding love as they've worked at building the life of their dreams. And the women in their lives are just as strong and determined as the men. Danger stalks them, and they'll overcome all obstacles. Welcome to Serenity Bay, where love and danger go hand-in-hand

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❤️💕Serenity Bay is a great place to fall in love, live, and raise children. It’s a place where the neighbors know too much about each other’s lives, but are always ready to lend a hand when one of their own is going through tough times. These are stories about the people who make Serenity Bay special...💕❤️


💃All books in this series are available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited💝


Shades of Love

Men of Serenity Bay Book 01

She's a gold digger. He's an arrogant jerk. When they come together, the heat will scorch their world.

Although Aidan regrets arguing with his brother the last time he saw him, he refuses to let his gold digger widow waltz in and claim any part of his dead brother's wealth. But, every time Aidan sees her, desire flows through him like boiling lava—hot and consuming. Can he protect his heart from the widow he doesn't trust but is desperate to possess?

Lost after her husband's death, Riley goes to the Serenity Bay farm to fulfill his last request that their baby knows his family. Riley is stunned by the anger and contempt Aidan spews instead of the welcome she expects. If that wasn't bad enough, Riley's doctor has ordered complete bed rest until the baby is born. In the meantime, how will she survive Aidan and his scorn?

Then she gets to know the caring man Aidan hides from the world and falls hard and fast. But is Riley willing to risk her heart a second time? It may not matter. An arsonist wants their land and is willing to take it by force. Will they survive the assault and claim their chance at love?

Shades of Love is part of the Men of Serenity Bay series but can be read as a standalone novel. If you like powerful heroes, heroines with hearts of gold, and a touch of suspense, you'll want to get Danni Rose' tale of courage and determination.

Shades of Love was previously published as Aidan. The title changed, but the novel is the same great story written by Danni Rose.

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Praise For The Series

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is a truly endearing story with characters dealing with strong emotions, enduring the pain of a loss of a loved one, and therefore a guarding of hearts, and an resulting in an opening of hearts and minds to wonderful opportunities. There is also drama woven throughout the plot with nefarious characters in plain sight. An amazing story, and a plot that keeps you enthralled all the way to the end. The characters are portrayed brilliantly, and the obstacles that they need to overcome are crafted wonderfully. Was love strong enough to put the past behind and look toward the future? Sweet, clean romance I truly enjoyed. Bookbub reviewer.


Sinful Secrets

Men of Serenity Bay Book 02

If she doesn't give her heart, it can't be broken. Now she has a chance at forever. What is she willing to risk for love?

After growing up with her parents' dismal example of wedded bliss, Annie Knight refuses to live with the kind of pain her mother endured. She would die a little more each day if she found out she wasn't enough for Ethan McMahon. So, although she's always loved him, she vowed never to marry or have children.

Ethan loves Annie and finally gets her to agree to date him when a woman from his past shows up with a three-year-old daughter he never knew. Ethan loves children, but what will Annie think of his insta-family? He's terrified she will use his daughter as an excuse to end their relationship.

But Annie has a bigger problem—someone wants her dead. Ethan will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves, even if it means his life. Now she has to make a choice. Run away and lose the love of her dreams, or fight for a life with Ethan and his daughter.

Sinful Secrets is the exciting second book in the Men of Serenity Bay series. If you like spirited women, strong men, and a touch of suspense, you'll want to get Danni Rose' story and journey with Annie and Ethan as they struggle to claim their future.

Sinful Secrets was previously published as Ethan. The title changed, but the novel is the same great story written by Danni Rose.

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Shattered Illusions

Men of Serenity Bay Book 03

He was the unwanted child. Her father abandoned her. Can two scarred souls overcome their troubled pasts, or will bitterness steal their future?

Ian Remington took the deputy sheriff job in Serenity Bay to get close to the mother who abandoned him. He blames her for growing up in foster care and never having the family he wanted. Then he meets Angie Knight and has thoughts of forever, but she deserves more than a broken man.

The father Angie adored left his wife and children when she was eight. She's always hoped he'd come back so they'd be a family again. But when he returns, it causes problems. Is her desire to have her father home blinding Angie to the truth about him?

Growing up as he did, Ian learned to protect others, but no one taught him how to love. Ian's afraid if he tells Angie the truth about why he's in Serenity Bay, he'll lose the woman who completes him. But when danger threatens Angie, what will Ian sacrifice to keep her safe?

Shattered Illusions is the thrilling third book in the Men of Serenity Bay series. If you like determined men and strong women who confront overwhelming challenges, read Danni Rose's story of troubled pasts and journey with Ian and Angie as they fight for their HEA.

Shattered Illusions was previously published as Ian. The title changed, but the novel is the same great story written by Danni Rose.

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Gus' Christmas Eve

Men of Serenity Bay Book 04

She opened the business of her dreams. He's trying to start over. When trouble comes knocking, can they save the Sugar Shack and keep enjoying their sweet candy kisses?

Gus McGill staggers under the guilt of missing his dad's funeral. Desperate to make amends, he leaves special ops but struggles to return to civilian life. In his wildest dreams, he never expected to meet a bright-eyed candy store owner who leaves him tongue-tied.

Evie Jones can't believe she finally opened the Sugar Shack. And when a handsome hunk takes a liking to her caramel turtles, she's only too happy to feed his craving. But when some not-so-sweet villain decides to close her down for good, she is thrilled when her drool-worthy customer comes to her rescue.

As Gus strives to regain his footing, he fears his biggest challenge will be finding the courage to ask Evie out. While the candy queen would give anything to save her shop and find two hundred pounds of stud muffin under her Christmas tree.

If you want to see if Gus and Evie can stop the shadowy Scrooge's nefarious plan and save their Yuletide romance, then buy or read this entertaining story with Kindle Unlimited.

Gus' Christmas Eve is the exciting fourth book in the Men of Serenity Bay contemporary romance series. Each book is a standalone with no cliffhangers. If you like determined men, strong women, and overwhelming challenges, then you'll love Danni Rose's latest story of love and sweet candy kisses.

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Shadows of Yesterday

Men of Serenity Bay Book 05

She's running for her life. He's escaping his past. Fate made them friends, but if they're willing to take the risk, their hearts will make them lovers.

Rachel White has the job of her dreams until she sees a man killed. Now she has a target painted on her back and is desperate to get away from the men who want her dead. When she stops in Serenity Bay and meets doctor charming, she's torn. Should she keep running or stay and fight for her life?

Matt Gerard moved to town to start over. Unfortunately, it isn't far enough to escape the betrayal of the woman he married. Then Matt must deal with the truth he buried because not all lies die a peaceful death. Will he survive the torment when the truth comes out?

When Matt meets Rachel, she turns his world upside down. Still, fate has a wicked sense of humor. The romance that starts as a lie soon becomes more real than he thought possible. But will they live long enough to claim the love that blazes like an inferno in their souls?

Shadows of Yesterday is the thrilling fifth book in the Men of Serenity Bay series. If you like to read about make-believe relationships, strong women, and determined men, then get this intriguing story by Danni Rose.

Shadows of Yesterday was previously published as Matt. The title changed, but the novel is the same great story written by Danni Rose.

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