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Texas Brides of Pike's Run

A Historical Romance Series by Kara O'Neal


Pike's Run, Texas -- Where Lone Stars find their brides!

📑Texas Brides of Pike's Run-TOP SHELVES


✅Strong Female lead

✅Happily Ever After

✅Stubborn characters who fight the "falling in love"

❤️‍🔥Western Romance!❤️‍🔥

✅Touch of suspense

✅Military Romance

✅Historical Romance


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❤️💕Take one sexy soldier, add the not-so prim schoolteacher who broke his heart, and you have a battle that neither can bear to lose...💕❤️


The Soldier's Love

Texas Brides of Pike's Run Book 05

When Jane Lonnigan refused to marry him, Frank Dawson got the hell out of Pike's Run and joined the army. As he took risk after risk, hoping someone would put him out of his misery, he consequently rose in ranks. Now he's a First Lieutenant stationed at Fort Robertson, a crack shot, and the main communicator to the Chipsa tribe.

Frank broke Jane's heart when he refused to wait for her to complete her education. Still, as she embarked on her journey to becoming a teacher, she couldn't stop loving him. Her first teaching post is for the children of Riley Creek, the town Fort Robertson protects.

When Frank realizes Jane has become a fixture of the settlement he is a part of, he sets out to guard himself from being twice a fool. But as life swirls around them, Frank can't help but return to her again and again.

A mistake causes Frank to hurt Jane and make her believe all hope is lost. She runs home, needing the welcoming arms of her family. When Frank learns what he's done, he realizes he's been a fool. He races after her, intent on winning her back. Can he mend her heart and have her as his wife? Or has he ruined everything?

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Praise For The Series

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Another Great Addition to the Series. I truly enjoyed The Miller Brides, book 5 in Kara O'Neal's "Pikes Run" series, so when the opportunity came to read The Soldier's Love, I couldn't pass it up! Kara has a lovely way of weaving details, adding tension and fleshing out characters that pulls you into her stories and keeps you turning pages. If you love a great Historical Romance, check out The Soldier's Love...but don't stop there! Read the entire series.Amazon reviewer.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Couldn't Put it Down. I put off reading this book after it was recommended to me. I thought it would be the western version of regency romance. Boy was I wrong! The characters are well developed and REAL. The setting is so present in the story that I want to visit Pike's Run." Amazon reviewer.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This is a wonderful story, and a true look into the heart of a woman. Emma endures so much for her love of Kyle. She is the perfect heroine as every trial builds her and makes her stronger. Kyle, the hunky farmer, doesn't have an easy time either, and it's enjoyable to watch his emotions unfold. All the characters you meet are fascinating, and I'm thrilled to see this series revolves around the town so we can see more of these lovable people. I definitely recommend this book!" Goodreads reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"My favorite yet! I, too, became frustrated with the characters, but I feel it was because I was so engrossed in their relationship. I think we all, at times, hesitate to share our true feelings. The Soldier's Love brought Jane and Frank to life for me! Definitely recommend this one!! Amazon REVIEWER


The Ranger's Vow

Texas Brides of Pike's Run Book 09

Pike's Run, Texas, 1881

Sherry Forrester has her life just as she wants it. No attachments. No pressure from her parents to marry. A little bit of money and the freedom to be the lady she desires. When a stranger rolls into town, mysterious and gorgeous, her interest is piqued. Sherry swore she wouldn't give away her heart, but she longs for one night of passion, and the newcomer is perfectly capable of supplying that.

Texas Ranger Luke "Rip" Calhoun is hoping for a few diverting weeks in Pike's Run. Along with promising to help the local sheriff catch a wily garter thief, he looks for challenging card games, good whiskey and a willing woman. When Sherry Forrester catches his eye—who wouldn't want her after stumbling upon her skinny dipping?—he does the hardest thing ever and waits for her to choose him to warm her sheets for a night. And only one night. For Luke made a long-ago vow never to let love ensnare him.

But what neither plans on is the hand of fate changing their paths…

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The Cowboy's Embrace

Texas Brides of Pike's Run Book 10

Pike's Run, Texas, 1881

Lily Spero is searching for her stolen heritage, for a place in the world that is all her own. Sixteen years ago, she lost her parents and siblings to a villain on a white horse. Since, she's hungered for family, for that love she'd once known. When she visits the Swinging A Ranch, her past collides with her present, opening wounds long buried and shockingly creating hope where none had been before.

Deacon Tolbert is the foreman and a contributing partner to the Swinging A Ranch. He's carved a niche in the world all his own, finally feeling worthy of the goodness he's found for himself. But when Lily Spero arrives, the girl he abandoned years ago, he's forced to face the most gut-wrenching moment of his life.

Despite the pain, love surprises them and blossoms, bringing hope for the future. But the villain from the past comes to haunt them, to steal what they're trying to build. Deacon and Lily must brave vile evil in order to stay together, and fight with all they have to keep the promises they made to each other.

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The Deputy's Damsel

Texas Brides of Pike's Run Book 15

Pike's Run, Texas, 1887

Katia Stefanski is stunned when she learns her recently deceased step-father has arranged a marriage for her. Even worse, her step-brother intends to honor it. Despite numerous attempts to convince her brother to let her make the choice, she fails. She flees during the party intended to cement her engagement.

Deputy Joe Lonnigan crosses paths with Katia Stefanski and is struck by her beauty and fighting spirit. When he learns she's been accused of the murder of her not-wanted fiancé, he can't believe it. With her step-brother's help, Joe risks everything to keep her hidden and prove her innocence.

But Katia can't let Joe destroy his future. She's determined to take matters into her own hands, even if it means the noose.

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The Cowboy's Bride

Texas Brides of Pike's Run Book 16

Pike's Run, Texas, 1887

James Davis has plans -- work his family's ranch, get married, have a family. So, how does he end up in a hayloft with Liza Talbut, the judge's daughter, who is most definitely not the woman he loves?

Liza Talbut has plans -- cook, clean, and avoid all social engagements. So how, in Heaven's name, does she end up in a hayloft with James Davis, her long-time friend?

They are caught, but all is not lost. Liza doesn't have to marry James if nothing happened. And...nothing happened. But Liza wants a life out of her mother's home and to get away from her viperous sister. Liza knows she can be a good wife to James, and his kisses are too thrilling to lose.

So...she lies. And gets herself hitched.

And James finds himself with the bride he hadn't planned on

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