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Packed with all kinds of Bad Boys, Billionaires, Fake Engagements, and Secret Babies, all adding up to steamy HEAs.



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An Amazon Top 50 Romance Collection


Lies From My Best Friend's Brother
As I open my eyes, I see a dark-haired, green-eyed man in the corner chair.
The last thing I expect is that he’s my BFF’s billionaire cousin, whom I don’t remember.

I’m in the hospital with no recollection of why I’m here.
Nicholas Saint-Michael – even his name is sexy.
He is eye-candy gorgeous, and his sleeve tats hint he’s a bad boy.
Ooohh…his lips are yummy, not to mention those six-pack abs and sun-kissed, bulging forearms.
I can’t take my eyes off him.
Those lips look velvety-soft and that first kiss tells me I’m right.
But I need to remember.
I’m sure there are secrets I’m not being told.
I don’t know if I should worry or sit back, convalesce, and enjoy this man at his mansion.
He pokes dangerously at the edges of my memory but makes my body sing.
Then come glimpses of past experiences - maybe false memories.
Gods, I hope so, because I can’t live that nightmare.

Faking Love for my Billionaire Boss
Sure, I want the job… I need the job…
But I’m not prepared when he walks into the interview - the hot sun-kissed bod that I had a one-nighter with months ago.
Tyler Harrington, notorious Santa Barbara billionaire playboy and owner of this cyber security firm sits across from me and has no idea who I am.
I can still remember that muscled body and rippling abs hidden under that shirt, though. His blue eyes penetrate my soul.

Come on Zoya - you can pull this off!

Getting the job is easy – but what I have to do to keep it is unthinkable.
A fake engagement to get a client!
But the heat makes it feel all too real and my body aches for him.
Nope - It doesn’t feel fake and I’m in trouble.

Secret Baby for the Bad Boy Billionaire
Sure, I’ve made some mistakes…like hooking up at a billionaire’s wedding and ending up with 2 pink lines.
God, Ryan something…I don’t even know his last name, but I still dream about that hot bod.
But I didn’t know he would be the best man at this wedding.
I thought I could steer clear, but he just has to wink at me with that sexy smile…hookup #2, then he’s gone again!
You’d think at 26, I’d know better…but damn, I can’t keep my hands off him.
Meanwhile, Evelyn Steele, CEO of Steele Shipping, has me planning her huge destination wedding. It could be a real career maker.
Her brother, the company’s shipping coordinator, is to meet with me about transporting everything to Ibiza.
Then in walks that sexy smile in a suit barely holding back those washboard abs.
Turns out Ryan’s last name is STEELE!

Now I have to decide if I tell him about Danny…our 18 month old son.

Santa Barbara Billionaire Boys Box Set: Romance with Bad Boys, Billionaires, Secret Babies and Fake Engagements

Amazon Reviewer

Truly a HEA

The twists and turns in this love story leave you unsure a few times if this romance will ever end in the happily ever after. With complicated life decisions this couple keeps finding their way back to each other as they overcome obstacles placed in their way. A love story with an ethical dilemma all resolved.

Amazon Reviewer

Must read!

Fantastic series they were steamy page turner and the suspense was energetic and intriguing. I was on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t even put them down. These stories will take you into their world of romance , drama, love, and more. I definitely recommend them and you won’t be disappointed. I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion

Amazon Reviewer

 A Great Read

Five stars does not do this book justice. A page turner and very entertaining. Loaded with emotions and witty. Great characters, just a well written plot.

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