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A Romantic Suspense Series by Zoe Dawson


Big, muscled, tough and red, white and blue, these guys are as dedicated to service to their country as they are gorgeous and deadly. They'll go that extra mile whether in a foreign country or in their own backyard. With hearts of gold and wills of steel, their missions will take them into danger, heartache and deep, abiding love showing what courage is all about.



✅Romantic Suspense

✅Contemporary Romance!

✅Military Romance


✅Action Packed

✅Wonderful Characters



❤️🎖️JSOC's special weapon, a team that will go anywhere, do anything no matter the danger or mission. Black Ops at it's best.🕵️‍♀️💕



SEAL Team EAST Book 1

Michael “Tex” Penn comes under fire when a mission goes bad and the Navy pilot embedded with the team is killed in action. The pilot's wife, the daughter of an influential senator, wants answers the Navy has forbidden him to give. The OP was as black as night and Top Secret classified. A JAG officer and her partner are assigned to investigate the case to determine what happened during the mission and why the pilot died. In steps Lieutenant Nora Wilson, blonde, blue-eyed and in charge, the kind of confident woman who stirs his blood. But she’s the enemy. She wants his team to spill the details which goes against everything he’s been taught.

A former Super Hornet pilot and Navy aviator, Nora already knows she’s going to get push back, already understands that Navy SEALs usually take their secrets to the grave, but a man is dead, and she’s been directed to get the pilot's wife her answers. The minute she comes up against their steely-eyed, confident CO, she knows she has her work cut out for her. Clashing with him professionally, leads to getting closer to him personally than she should. Her mission and her career could be on the line if she were discovered sleeping with the enemy. But when they finally spill the beans, Nora finds herself taking that same fateful OP to finish out the mission that will take her deep onto foreign soil with only the SEALs at her back.



Praise For The Series

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ AWESOME RIVITING START TO THIS NEW SERIES!!!!!! "WOW!!!! What a fantastic start to this exciting new series full of suspense, intrigue, danger, passion, angst, classified info, secrets, twists you can't put down until finished. Michael" TEX" Penn is in hot water when a mission goes wrong his Navy Pilot Lt. Commander Jerry Reed is killed in action his wife Mary Reed is the daughter of an influential Senator Patrick McPherson wants answers to what happened to her husband. LT. Commander Nora Wilson from JAG is a lawyer there to see Tex to get answers blocked at every turn the Black Ops Mission was Top Secret Classified. I definitely recommend to get this extremely well written story that has you on the edge of your seat so much happens will Tex & Nora get a HEA will she the answers she's looking for you must get this intense riviting story to find out it won't disappoint so well worth the read...." - Amazon reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ So good! I didn't want to put it down! So good! I didn't want to put it down. Angelo "Bondo" and Cameron are such a terrific couple. I love that Cameron is such a strong, independent woman who garners the respect and admiration of the guys she works with, her ex an exception of course but that is because he's a BIG FAT controlling jerk... which leads to a lot of the action, danger and angst this book carries us through. This SEAL team sees her strength and considers her a part of the team, with Bondo obviously having deeper feelings. These two luckily get through their tricky pasts that still cloud their present and find their deserved HEA. - Amazon reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ An extremely action and danger packed edge of your seat ride. I was kept on my toes. An extremely action and danger packed edge of your seat ride. I was kept on my toes, had my heart ripped out (I'm still not over that, and had to fight the urge to deduct stars just because of my emotional turmoil to be honest), and endured heart pounding moments of anxiousness for the characters. I was not a fan of Jack in the beginning, even though obviously I was outraged at the situation she was put in, she totally rubbed me wrong, but I had faith her redemption in my eyes was coming and I was right... she evolved and faced her demons to emerge into a pretty awesome gal worthy of Easy. - Amazon reviewer



SEAL Team EAST Book 2

What do aircraft carriers and Navy SEALs have in common? Plenty and Bondo and the team head to the USS John Paul Jones to train the crew and innovate the process of fighting battles with near-peer adversaries like Russia and China. The world was changing and the United States Navy, a formidable power on the ocean with the capability of striking inland, needed to keep pace. Both superpowers were busy fortifying against airstrikes from carriers, and Special Warfare Operators who were adept at getting into places and eliminating obstacles were their best lethal weapons. Bondo has mixed feelings about this mission. The USS John Paul Jones was Petty Officer First Class Cameron Ryan’s duty station. The engineer had helped them complete a mission recently and thrown Bondo into personal crisis when he found himself deeply attracted to the sassy redhead. But why was he worrying? An aircraft carrier had thousands of sailors on board. What were the odds they would even come into contact?

With a huge division of aircraft mechanics, why did they have to divert her from fixing F-18s to working on the specialized subs the Navy SEALs deployed? Cameron wasn’t exactly trying to avoid the tall, gorgeous, dangerous-to-her-heart man, but being in the Navy and deployed at sea made a relationship with anyone complicated. Bondo was especially problematic because he had some issues with his past and the loss of his wife and child. To get over those kinds of hurdles, long separations hindered intimacy and forging bonds. Maybe hot sex would alleviate their interest and an affair would eventually cool. But could she take that chance?



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SEAL Team EAST Book 3

The team is tasked with rescuing PAY-TV executive Jacqueline Devers in Caracas when she was sent to by her CEO to close a big deal for the company. She was being held falsely against her will. But when the team go in, Jack and Matthew “Easy” Hitchcock get separated from the team and they have to go on the run across a hostile country until they can be extracted. Jack has been through a terrible, terrifying ordeal, but Easy has to admire her resolve and cool-under-fire attitude. The more time he spends with her, the closer they draw together. Since Easy is the only thing that stands between her and her relentless, brutal captor, he does his best to resist her allure. He’s determined to get her out of the country safely.

Jack has been battling for a promotion at her company and her assignment to Venezuela came with many promises of advancement. Her arrest came as a shock and the police who arrested her treated her in the worse way. She repeatedly told them she was an American and she was innocent of any wrongdoing., but they wouldn’t listen. Just when she thinks she might die in the hellhole they put her in, men storm into the prison and rescue her. She refuses to leave until they recover something that was stolen from her. The SEAL who broke open her cell, Easy, agrees while their CO demands they get her out. When the police respond, the SEALs are forced to fall back and Jack and Easy escape during the chaos. Now they’re being hunted down in a hostile country where her only survival is in the hands of the sexiest man she’s ever met.




SEAL Team EAST Book 4

Bale “Shark” Maddox, and the team are deployed to Haiti to the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince as an insurance policy for the protection of the ambassador, his family and the embassy. There’s a new leader, and although the country seems to be stabilizing, he’s convinced anything could set it off. His team is responsible for making sure the ambassador and his family are safe and if need be, evacuated if things get ugly. Shark is introduced to Ambassador Clay Towson, his wife, Kate, and their daughter, Dr. Madeline Towson. She’s there as a seismologist studying the area for research purposes. She’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever met and getting tangled up on an active mission isn’t smart, but the woman is giving him all the signals that she’s interested and he’s having a hard time putting on the brakes. Shark gets edgy once it’s discovered that the president is ill, according to the prime minister who’s barring the ambassador from contact with the president while he recovers.

Maddy is blown away by Shark from the moment she meets him and hijacks the embassy limo by mistake. But she’s always been content to live in her own world and chooses to see everything as a glass half-full. Shark is the exact opposite, but Maddy has never met a man she couldn’t charm, and he’s no different. Before she knows it, he’s the one teaching her not only about relationships, but about herself. Her love life has been a wreck since the last eighteen months and getting involved again just wouldn’t be smart. Except as she gets to know the man, it becomes much more difficult to deny her growing feelings for him. As the danger mounts and her attraction to Shark simmers, it’s not clear what is going to blow first, the situation or the heat between them.



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