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A Romantic Suspense Series by Zoe Dawson


Big, muscled, tough and red, white and blue, these guys are as dedicated to service to their country as they are gorgeous and deadly. They'll go that extra mile whether in a foreign country or in their own backyard. With hearts of gold and wills of steel, their missions will take them into danger, heartache and deep, abiding love showing what courage is all about.



✅Romantic Suspense

✅Contemporary Romance!

✅Military Romance


✅Action Packed

✅Wonderful Characters



❤️🎖️Gathering intel is CIA Officer Rose Sinema's bread and butter, but a vital mission takes on a whole new meaning when Iceman and his team show up as part of the solution.🕵️‍♀️💕



A Seal Team Tier 1 Book 1

Master Chief Christopher “Iceman” Snow and his team are tasked with gathering intel on a terrorist group that is targeting American citizens overseas. They have hit several targets in Paris. It’s a tragic and volatile mission when he comes face-to-face with the tantalizing woman who has been heavy on his mind. He wonders how he can keep his hands off her to focus on the job at hand.

CIA Officer Rose Sinema is heading up the taskforce to root out the people responsible for murdering American citizens…this one hitting home. Gathering intel is her bread and butter, but a vital mission takes on a whole new meaning when Iceman and his team show up as part of the solution. She’s encountered him several times in the past six months, each fraught with a lot of chemistry. Her greatest worry is how she’s going to keep her mind off him and her hands to herself to focus on the lifesaving operation.



Praise For The Series

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ In The End...Love Was All That Mattered. "No dull moments in this story. Ms. Dawson gifts readers with a high interest story that not only focuses on Iceman and Rose’s developing relationship, which is expected, but masterfully pens the relationship between Preacher and Karasu as well as Brigitte and Volk. We are given insight into the inner struggles and emotional turmoil that each character possesses as the parallel stories unfold. Each couple is tasked with a common mission….. bring the NSH (No Safe Haven) terrorist responsible for the Paris bombing to justice..." - Amazon reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Emotional whirlwind ! So well written it nearly brought me to tears. The emotional ride that all three couples went through. The agony for Rose and Brigette throughout the book. This was hard on the heart but while it was bittersweet, the ending was wonderful. Also plenty of heat throughout. - Amazon reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ More twists and turns in this action romance. I love Zoe Dawson's books in every story she gives us every single thing action, suspense, danger, and a couple whose chemistry burns with so much passion they work seamlessly together in their missions. I adore Karasu, a strong woman who can kick butt and take names working for the agency from the shadows. - Amazon reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ EXCELLENT PREACHER'S STORY AN ADDICTING INTRIGUING READ!!!!! I love this series been waiting for this book, so well worth the wait it's full of intrigue, danger, action, drugs, kidnapping, terrorists, suspense, steam, intense drama, emotional turmoil, twists you can't put this book down... -Amazon Reviewer



A Seal Team Tier 1 Book 2

Preacher and the team are sent to Bolivia to investigate the next attacks on Americans on Foreign soil from the No Safe Haven terror group. He and the team are tasked to work with the CIA and DEA, including the woman he’s wanted since he met her. He hadn’t expected to see the beautiful, exotic Karasu again, but, nevertheless, she hasn’t been far from his thoughts. He’s still working through his own demons, still celibate. The question is does he want to remain that way as the tension inside him builds. Could his way be clearer with physical contact? What more could they hope to have in the secret and covert world they live in?

Karasu hasn’t ever forgotten the man who had bested her in more ways than one. He still presented a huge challenge both physically and more terrifyingly, emotionally. Her past is fraught with ugly secrets and shameful acts that shaped her into the killing machine she has become. Can she break away from the shadowy world she has pledged her life and energy to for so long? How does a woman who has given everything for the agency find another path?



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A Seal Team Tier 1 Book 3

With the shadowy organization still eluding capture, GQ and the team head to London where the next attacks are expected to occur. The SEALs, CIA and MI6 team up to discover the targets. GQ is still working at handling his mom’s death and the information that he has to the possible whereabouts of his father whom he thought was dead. He’s not sure he wants to confirm his mother’s bitter rantings impugning his dad’s character. With his own personal stuff clogging up his head, he’s disconcerted to find himself attracted to the reserved, quirky Dr. Celeste Potter, the cryptologist the NSA has sent to break the encryption on the laptop recovered from the NSH goons in Bolivia. GQ never hurts for female companionship, but his partners never seem to measure up to his expectations. He’s not sure he should even bother courting more disappointment, but the woman proves to be much more than meets the eye.

Initially, Celeste is horrified and unbalanced when her boss assigns her to work not only in London, away from her comfortable home base and her perfect office, but he expects her to collaborate with people—a lot of people. It’s imperative she work alone and only rely on her own personal friend. Then he mentions NSH and everything changes. She does care about what the terrorist group is doing, all those deaths were definitely distressing, but her main interest in them is that they are hidden. There’s no information on the mastermind at all. That intrigues her immensely. She agrees to go. But the reality of interacting with so many causes her stress until Petty Officer Remington “GQ” Nash steps in and seems to know exactly what she needs. Men had never been on her radar—they took up too much time, were messy, and had needs she just didn’t want to understand. But she couldn’t seem to dismiss this particular man, who makes her think too hard and want too much. But she is going to need him when NSH reveals their catastrophic plan that chillingly includes her.



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